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how do you buy municipal bonds

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Investment Education

Investment Education

Investment Education Resources

Allocating across a broad range of global sectors and asset classes can help enhance return potential and moderate overall portfolio volatility. Learn about our risk-factor-based approach to asset allocation and the factors that investors should consider when deciding where to invest.

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The benefits of a diversified bond portfolio

See how the year-to-year movement of the

bond markets demonstrate the importance of maintaining a diversified portfolio.

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Prepare for economic changes with a broader allocation

Learn how a diversified portfolio can be prepared for a number of economic scenarios.

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Understanding risk factor diversification

Learn about risk factors and the benefits of applying risk factor-based diversification to your portfolio.

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Stepping up the risk/reward spectrum

See how various investments offer incremental opportunities for potential returns while still mitigating market risks.

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Asset class diversification is not the same as risk factor diversification

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