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Police found suspect hiding inside nearby dumpster

Police: Man mistakes stamp kiosk for ATM, tries to rob woman


Police have arrested a Reading man for allegedly robbing a woman at knife-point at a stamp kiosk.

It happened at 6:22 p.m. Tuesday inside the Gus Yatron Post Office on North 13th Street in Muhlenberg Township.

"The robber came in and demanded money, thinking that she was at the ATM, when it was actually a stamp kiosk," said Sgt. Joel Marino, Muhlenberg Township Police Department.

Police said the woman told the man she did not have any money and was just buying stamps. That is when, police said, Vazquez pulled a knife on the victim.

Police said the woman then screamed, a post office worker came out and that is when Vazquez ran.

"That is pretty bad. They are desperate. If it is

at the post office, that is pretty bad," said Denise Hess, a post office customer.

Once police responded, one officer took it upon himself to canvas the area and found Vazquez hiding in a dumpster at a neighboring business.

"Our police officers did a really good job finding and apprehending this robber and taking this dangerous person off the street. They did good work," said Marino.

Customers like Bill Bateman are now relieved police caught the suspect, because he, too, worries when visiting the post office at night.

"If there are not any cars in the parking lot, it makes me nervous because I do have a box in here and I sometimes collect my mail late at night," said Bateman.

Vazquez has been charged with robbery and theft by unlawful taking.

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