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How to snap a coin

how to snap a coin

SNAP / EBT and Credit Cards at RI Farmers Markets

Fresh Bucks are also gift coins to the farmers market. Each coin is $5 and can be used at any farmer or producer's table at any of the markets on this page.

Fresh Bucks you would like to give:

$3 is added to your order to cover processing and shipping, but 100% of Fresh Bucks go to local farmers and producers. Customers receive change in cash and the coins do not expire.

Contact Molly for Fresh Bucks quantities greater than $50.

How do I use SNAP / EBT or my credit card?

Just come to the info table at one of the markets below. Swipe your card and you'll receive Fresh Bucks coins to use with market vendors.

Fresh Bucks are currency for fresh food from local farms and producers at RI farmers markets.

$2 FREE for fruits & veggies

for every $5 in SNAP you spend

Bring your EBT card to the Farm Fresh table at participating markets (marked with a B$ below) and receive extra money for fresh food. We will give you $2 extra for every $5 in EBT you spend (that's an unlimited 40% bonus) thanks to Citizens Bank. Wholesome Wave. June Rockwell Levy Foundation. The Rhode Island Foundation. Bank RI. City of Providence. Frederick C. Tanner Memorial Fund, Feinstein Foundation. and generous individuals. Learn more about The Fresh for All Fund and how to contribute.

In 2015, twenty-four Rhode Island farmers markets (up from eight in 2008) have central booths that can accept EBT and credit/debit cards:

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