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How to start a placement agency

how to start a placement agency

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This site is part of a national online nurse-owned business directory. Listings for Nurse-Owned businesses are FREE.

We are Incorporated in The State of New Jersey, under the name:

Nursefriendly, Inc.

38 Tattersall Drive, Mantua, New Jersey (NJ) 08051

We're available for phone consultations through When you first register with Keen, you'll receive a $5.00 credit to spend on any speaker you choose! We charge 50 cents/minute which will give you a 10 minute conversation for free.

See also: Nurse Entrepreneurs: Tales of Nurses in Business :"This book is vey inspiring! Learn how 50 different nurses brought their vision to reality! Learn some great tips on starting your own business. Nurses don't have to just work at the bedside. Read this book and you will be thinking of how you can make your dream a reality!"

One of the more frequent questions nurses ask us is, "How Do I Start My Own Nursing Agency." We'll be constantly updating this information and adding resources.

To Start a Nursing agency, you need to understand how to start a business in general. For that reason, we're covering business basics here as well:

The steps are simple, often the owner is not required to be a licensed nurse. We'll discuss both the steps to start up any business, and a Nursing Agency on this page.

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What's the first step to take in starting a business? Dear Donna, :"I am interested in starting my own staffing agency for nurses. I plan to partner with someone who has the "business sense." I would like to know what would be the most important first steps to take, to get started. Any advice will be helpful."

There are several authors that have made up "how to" manuals you can purchase that will give you step by step instructions. We have a few listed below. Before you purchase any manuals, be sure to check when they were last updated and what they contain. Some provide more forms and sample documents than "how to" instructions. You're looking for a product that offers a little of both and support after the sale.

"The National Nurses in Business Association, Inc. recommends the startup guide "How to Start a Temporary Staffing Service ," published by Entrepreneur Magazine and recommended by the Small Business Association. Starting a nursing agency is a difficult process that is often made more difficult by poorly written manuals and guide books providing misinformation. The words nursing agency is medical lingo. The correct small business category is healthcare temporary staffing service. Starting a temporary staffing service requires knowledge of the industry, and the rules and requirements of federal, state, and local governments. Because the industry has its roots in the 1890s, protocols are well established. Increase your chance of success by learning the

industry from the business experts."

Patricia Ann Bemis, RN CEN, President

National Nurses in Business Association, Inc.

PO Box 561081

Rockledge, FL 32956-1081

Phone (321) 633-4610

FAX (530) 364-7357

See also:

My Own Business: Private Home Care Dispatcher Companions-Aides-Housekeepers-Nurses by Flo Wheatley :"This book, Private Home Care Dispatcher: My Own Business,is a guideline to starting your own business making jobs available in communities having trouble finding jobs. The book illustrates different kinds of forms, sample inquiry letters and other important information which will help in getting a business up and running. We like to think of it as an "Employment Agency for Caregivers."

How to Start an Elderly Home Care Business With the Change in Your Pocket by Gwen M. Walker :"This book is a step by step guide for starting and operating a Elderly homecare business. It includes information on: setting up a agency; start-up cost; marketing; staffing; sources of capital; business plan; advertising; record-keeping; pricing for services ; sample forms such as client and employees contracts; assessment forms; and much more."

Joseph Caracci, RN, BSN, MBA,, Nursing Agencies, Staffing Software Support, Arizona Nursing Entrepreneurs :"NursingCorp offers serious investors and entrepreneurs the knowledge and assistance needed to enter the nurse staffing industry. We provide assistance establishing health care staffing companies, and development of nursing based software solutions. Our product offerings include a complete Nurse Registry Business Package, Nurse Staffing Software for use by Hospitals and Nurse Registries, Business Consultation, and customized software development. To learn more about how we can assist you. The founder of is a former Co-founder and President of a large Phoenix AZ based Nurse Registry."

3165 S. Alma School Road

Suite 29-260

Chandler, AZ 85248

Phone: 888-607-1492


Premier Computer Systems, Inc. :"The healthcare industry is ever changing at a rapid pace. Institutional patient census keeps fluctuating, new technologies require special training, and qualified professionals are getting harder to recruit and retain. Most computer staffing systems are not designed to accommodate the special needs of the healthcare field let alone keep up with the rate of change. To help you succeed in this ever changing environment, Premier Computer Systems (PCS) designs and develops Medical Staffing Software Solutions, namely StaffMED™. A product resulting from a combined 75 plus years of experience, StaffMED™ is a fully integrated software system designed to meet the unique needs of the medical staffing industry. It automates the day to day tasks of daily (per diem) scheduling along with credential and skills management. It also provides effective communication tools to maximize the productivity of your staff."

Beverley Simpson, RN, MS, CMC :"Beverley Simpson, RN, MS, CMC, is a nurse and an organizational consultant specializing in People, Teams and Systems development in health care agencies. She works closely with organizational leaders designing, planning and facilitating change projects; developing programs to strengthen team planning, collaboration and leadership; conducting practice and program assessments and planning enhancements to strengthen service delivery; designing and delivering management and leadership development initiatives. Her clients include numerous health care agencies seeking innovative solutions to complex practice and organizational issues."

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