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Your Guide to Collecting Italian Coins

how to start collecting coins

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Hobbyists of all nationalities seek out rare and valuable coins from countries across the globe. European coins, including Italian coins, are especially popular. Key elements that coin collectors seek include depictions of kings, queens, and other images from a country’s culture or past. This buying guide deals specifically with buying Italian coins.

When searching for Italian coins, coin collectors should investigate all options before buying. The intent of this guide is to help buyers learn about the different types of Italian coins, understand coin collecting terminology, and coin grading. The guide also discusses places to find and buy Italian coins, such as at local coin shops or online marketplaces like eBay.

History of Italian Coins

Throughout its long history,

Italy has had many coinage types. The florin, one of the most-used coins in Europe, was first introduced in 13th Century Italy. Over the intervening centuries, the various Italian city-states all developed their own coinage systems. When Italy became unified in 1861, the Italian lira came to prominence and was used until 2002, when the euro was adopted.

Discover Italian Coins

From florins, to liras, to Papal State coinage, Italian coins remain popular with collectors worldwide. Valued for their link to Italy’s past, collectors seek out Italian coins online and in coin shops around the world.

Different Types of Italian Coins

Listed below are several popular types of Italian coins. The coins are listed by name, their years in use, and their prime area of circulation.

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