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How to stop a repo

how to stop a repo

How can I get Maven to stop attempting to check for updates for artifacts from a certain group from maven-central-repo?

I'm working on a fairly big Maven project. We have probably around 70 or so individual artifacts, which are roughly split into two libraries of shared code and maybe ten applications which use them. All of these items live in the namespace com.mycompany.* .

Most of the time we're running against snapshot builds. So to do a full build of an application, I might first build the library projects so that they are installed to my local repository (as, say, mycompany-libname-2.4-SNAPSHOT.jar ).

The problem is that when I then go build the applications. For some reason, Maven wants to check the main two public repositories (maven-net-repo and java-net-repo) for updates for all of the mycompany-*-SNAPSHOT.jar artifacts. Of course, they

aren't found there, and everything eventually resolves back to the versions I just built to my local repository, but I'd like Maven to stop doing this because (a) it makes me feel like a bad net.citizen for constantly checking these repositories for things that will never be there, and (b) it adds some unnecessary and annoying network latency into my build process.

I've taken to running maven in offline mode most of the time to work around this, but that's not ideal since occasionally a dependency on a public library will be updated. So what I'm looking for is a solution which will cause Maven not to check for updates from given repositories for artifacts which meet certain criteria - in this case, I'd be happy if Maven would ignore either SNAPSHOT versions or artifacts which were in the com.mycompany namespace.

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