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AFL clubs demand fair play on right to trade future draft picks

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Michael Gleeson -Jun 3, 2015

Seeking fairness: Hawthorn president Andrew Newbold. Photo: Paul Jeffers

AFL clubs have urged the league to extend the right to trade future draft picks to all clubs, and not just some through the academy and father-son picks.

Hawthorn president Andrew Newbold said proposed changes to the developing-market northern state academy and father-son picks enabled the use of future draft picks in trading, and this needed to be fair to all.

While any club with a father-son is entitled to use a future draft pick to secure the player, the number of potential father-son selections for each club is relatively small.

The northern academies, on the other hand, are more likely to have a regular supply of potential draftees.

"It's got to apply to everyone, clearly," Newbold said. "I cannot believe that they would be prepared to create another anomaly in the rules. How can they do that? It just puts every other club at a disadvantage.

"I cannot see why you would want to introduce another anomaly into the system.

"We are trying to get to a pure draft and this takes us in the complete opposite direction. One of the main pillars of equalisation is an uncompromised draft, that

was why the big clubs signed up to equalisation and this is now talking about introducing an extra compromise to the draft."

The AFL's player movement working party is due to meet again next week, when the matter of trading future draft picks will be discussed further.

AFL legal integrity and compliance manager Andrew Dillon said the proposed changes to the father-son and academy bidding system and the points system were still being finalised.

He said the league was prepared to further consider the issue of trading future draft picks.

Collingwood recruiting manager Derek Hine said all clubs should be given the same opportunities to trade future draft picks, and that opportunity should not be limited to the few occasions a club has a father-son or to the northern clubs with academy players.

"If some clubs are able to access future picks for academies or father-sons, we feel that all other clubs in the competition should be able to do likewise," Hine said.

This year both Sydney clubs have access to two academy players each, who would be considered first-round draft picks.

Some clubs have raised concerns that allowing the trading of future draft picks will introduce a property bubble-type inflationary effect to the currency of draft picks.

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