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I Figured Out A Way To Use ANY Credit Card At Costco (As They Only Accept AMEX Now)!

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One of my biggest pet peeves about Costco is how they stick to the American Express credit card only. I am a big fan of using my credit card and saving the Alaska Air Skymiles. I don’t own an American Express card and always have to resort to losing AT LEAST 200 Alaska Air Skymiles (I don’t remember the last time I made it out for under $200). But I believe I have figured out the answer that will solve ALL our dreams. Well, all that involve being able to get Skymiles while not AMEX’ing it…

Yes, I can’t stand not getting the best bang for my buck, so it pains me every time I walk into Costco to know that I’m going to walk out with at least $200 of groceries (my record is $645, ugh) and have nothing to show for it aside from a debit transaction on my bank statement.

I don’t charge ANYTHING to that debit card but Costco and my mortgage (if you know how to add your mortgage to a credit card, please let me know as I’d do that too if I could).

I always leave the conglomerate with a sense that I wasn’t getting as good of a deal from them as I had in the past. Part of me believes that they’ve suckered people in to thinking that bigger means better value ALL the time.

It DID back when Costco first started, and

you could get a good deal on anything there, but anymore, you get just as good of a deal at Safeway or Fred Meyer for groceries as you do from Costco, you just get MORE of them there, but I digress.

So last week my wife was being a good samaritan and helped out a friend that was going through some hard times by providing some groceries and necessities to her family in the form of a Costco gift card. You can get them for no “sales” fees, no “hidden” costs, no “transaction” fees. It actually means that when you buy a $300 gift card, you get charged $300 (click to enlarge).

This is different from the AMEX gift card where you pay like $10 in fees to get the card started. I thought of this idea to get around the “no Skymiles clause” at one point too, but couldn’t come to terms with tacking on 10% more to use it. Guess it is the “frugal” in me that stopped it.

Go HERE to buy a Costco gift card and you can purchase it with your MasterCard of Visa instead of giving in to their demands of AMEX only!

So anyway, I gave my wife a big kudos for being a good samaritan first off, but secondly for finding this little gem to work the system at Costco to finally give us what we’ve always wanted, Costco Skymiling ability!

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