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How to get a US iTunes account in Australia

Any seasoned traveller knows that you can't rely on any airline's inflight entertainment system to actually be working on the day you fly, or to be stocked up with things you haven't seen.

And forget about watching hotel TV, at $20 per movie.

A much better option is to bring your own entertainment when travelling -- and that's where Apple's iTunes Store can be very helpful.

iTunes is one of the most convenient ways to get what you're looking for quickly. Frankly, it beats piracy for getting movies and TV shows in a convenient way -- you can buy entire TV series with one click of the mouse button.

However, Apple has crippled the Australian version of the iTunes Store with very high pricing.

For example, at the time of writing, The Girl Who Played With Fire costs $24.99 to buy on the iTunes Australia store (no rental option available), but only US$14.99 to buy, or US$3.99 to rent on the iTunes US store.

With the Australian dollar above parity with the US dollar at the time of writing, it makes the iTunes Store US dramatically cheaper than its Australian equivalent.

Apple blocks the iTunes US store to people who don't have a US credit card, due to licensing restrictions imposed by movie and TV studios (who are keen to control distribution on a region-by-region

basis, and charge as much as each country will bear).

However, Apple has left a wide-open backdoor for anyone outside the US who wants to sign up. This article will show you how to do that, step by step.

Note -- signing up for a US iTunes account won't affect your ability to play anything you've bought through the iTunes Australia store.

You can click any of the screenshots below to get an enlarged view. Although we have used the Windows version of iTunes for the tutorial, the instructions are exactly the same for Mac.

Step 1: swap over to the US iTunes store

Scroll down the home screen of iTunes to the very bottom.

" alt="Scroll down the home screen of iTunes to the very bottom. " title="Scroll down the home screen of iTunes to the very bottom. "/>

Scroll down the home screen of iTunes to the very bottom.

When you install iTunes on a computer in Australia, it cunningly automatically selects the Australian iTunes Store. It's easy to change to the US Store, though the option is a bit small, and hidden at the bottom of a page.

You need to select the small Australian flag at the bottom of the iTunes to get to the country selection page.

Step 2: get a free iPhone app

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