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How to Use a Prepaid Card for Netflix

Neflix is a service that delivers DVDs through the mail to your home and allows you to stream movies through the Internet. You can cancel the service at any time as your credit card is charged each month. One way you can pay for Netflix is by using a prepaid card from a major credit card company such as American Express, Visa or MasterCard. You must give this information to Netflix upon subscribing or when you update your credit card information on your account.

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Prepaid Card at Subscription

Visit Click "Not a member" under the log in information.

Complete the required fields such as email and password. Click "Continue."

Complete the payment information. Choose "Credit Card" and fill in the fields with the information from the front of the card. A prepaid card works just like a credit card, but instead of paying the bill in the future, you add the money immediately. The security number you need is on the back of the card.

Update Information with Prepaid Card



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How to Use a Prepaid Card for Netflix. Neflix is a service that delivers DVDs through the mail to your home and.


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