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How to use american airlines voucher

how to use american airlines voucher

How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

If you’re looking for how to quit smoking help, look no further as this website was created to give you smoking cessation assistance, nicotine withdrawal tips and addiction recovery support. Call this website your how to quit smoking guide and you won’t be wrong.

Without further ado, let’s launch into the main crust of the matter.

Despite all the hyped stop smoking programs around, have you ever wondered why smokers can not give up cigarettes? The reason is simple:

We Are Creatures of Habit

Earl Nightingale said: “We are all creatures of habit. We can do most things without even thinking about them; our bodies take charge and do them for us.”

How true this is!  Even if we know that a certain habit is harmful to our overall well being, we continue doing it anyway.

Face it or leave it, giving up smoking is not easy.

A person who is addicted to cigarettes has grown so used to it that they feel they can’t live without it. Addiction can be emotional, physical and psychological.

Physical addiction is when a person has become physically dependent on a substance. Over time a person will build up a tolerance to that substance, so that they need a larger dose to get the same effects.  When an addict who is physically addicted to a substance stops using, they may experience withdrawal symptoms.  Withdrawal can be much like having the flu and include symptoms such as the shakes, diarrhea, and weakness.

So, what is the way out? A refreshingly new approach to stop smoking. What does this entail?  A reprogramming of the mind . This involves the use of affirmations and seeing cigarettes in a bad light.

Reprogramming The Mind for Stop Smoking Success

When we talk about reprogramming your mind for stop smoking success, we are talking about changing the way you think about cigarettes. changing what you say about cigarettes and changing what you do about cigarettes.

Does that make sense?

If you used to think of cigarettes as stress busters that help to relieve pressure, start thinking of them as agents of death.

If you used to say cigarettes help you to feel at home when on unfamiliar turf, start saying they will cause lung cancer for you.

If you used to pick up cigarettes to smoke, stop doing it. Because

What You Think Becomes What You Say….

What You Say Becomes What You Do…

What You Do Becomes What Your Get!…

There are no two ways about it…you have set yourself up for failure or success without even realizing it!

Let me repeat that again…it is the key to your stop smoking success !

You actually program yourself to succeed or fail based on what you…

Think….Say….and…. Do!

Your thoughts become your words and your words become your actions!

Using Affirmations to Stop Smoking

You can also use affirmations to get yourself thinking and feeling that you DON’T wish to smoke. But, you don’t want to put in references to smoking in your affirmations, merely as you already have a notion that smoking is pleasurable. Once that association has been made in your subconscious, any idea of smoking is going to trigger a potent desire to smoke.

Rather, you are able to utilize affirmations to emphasize the advantages of not smoking – without bringing up smoking at all.

Here are a few illustrations:

*I love being able to take a breath of fresh air.

*I love taking good care of my body.

*I nurture my body with healthy habits.

*I deserve a clean, fit body.

*I respect and honor myself always.

*I’m strong enough to overcome any challenge.

Let’s face the facts, not only does smoking kill you, but it also the people around you and the money in your wallet. Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover on this website:

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