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Over the past several years Cashless Atm Scrip Machines have become increasingly popular among merchants who are wanting to provide the convenience of bank card acceptance for their customers, but without having to pay the processing fees normally associated with this type of payment option.

Many business owners that operate a retail location are only aware of two types of bank card acceptance programs. credit card processing, and cash dispensing atm machines.

Credit card machines setup with traditional credit card merchant accounts are costing merchants a percentage of each sale, plus a swipe fee. These fees quickly add up costing merchants too much money, taking a portion of their profits that they should be keeping.


atm machines cost thousands of dollars to own and operate. They present serious security issues concerning possible breakins, where criminals will attempt to remove the machine from the location which can result in destruction to the merchant's building. This happens frequently across the nation, and causes insurance companies to greatly increase premiums of merchant that have this type of atm.

These are some of the reasons why merchants across America are switching to Cashless Atm Machines. Our machines help merchants increase their sales, and enables them to make money on every transaction, without the costs and hassles of other types of payment options.

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