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How to use chase atm

how to use chase atm

Chase ATM stole my money

I have never had a problem with a Chase ATM deposit before - I feel its important to say that, because I did a very silly thing.

I recently got a bonus check for an old employer for $2643. I decided to cash the check and deposit it into a Chase ATM because the branch was close to closing for the day, I didn't want to carry that much money around with me, and I had never ever had a problem with a Chase ATM before. I went to a drive thru ATM attached to a branch. The deposit was going fine, until I put the money in -- $2400 (24 $100 bills) went in the machine and then it started making funky noises and then the screen said that there was a problem with the ATM. It gave me a receipt saying the same and giving me a number on the bottom to call. I parked my car right there at the drive thru ATM and called the phone number on the bottom.

First off - the Chase customer service reps apparently are working in, and are from the Phillipines. This makes them near impossible to understand. The first person told me that their computer system was down so she couldnt' help me. I told her point blank that I was going to sit right there in my car at the ATM with people lining up behind me until someone helped me. She then told me that I couldn't continue to "ask her to do things she couldn't do" and hung up on me. I called again, and this time, another person told me that the system was down, and that I should go ahead and call back in two hours. I was livid - where the hell were my 24, $100 bills? He went on to tell me that in two hours I could file a claim, and then I started to ask him about what would happen when I filed the claim. He said they would give me a provisional credit for

the money while they did an "investigation" which could take 3-4 weeks. But I said "what a minute, so what you're telling me is that no one will know what happened to my money for 3-4 weeks? That almost a month, and if you decide that I didn't deposit the money then you'll just yank the money from my account, right?" He had to admit that yes, thats what would happen, but I should just trust Chase to do the right thing, I mean, Chase wouldn't steal my money because they are great, even he knew that, all the way from the Phillipines.

He wasn't able to tell me much of anything about the process which scared me. Since I was on the phone with him for about an hour, his computer system came up, and he filed a claim. I went to the branch the next day and spoke with the branch manager. She told me that there was nothing she could do because an outside company services the ATMs. I didn't know this. I mean, even if I trust Chase (and I don't!), how do I know the people that service the machine are trustworthy?

She confirmed that the $2400 was in my account on a provisional basis. But I think what I'm going to do tommorrow is just remove all my money from Chase, including the $2400 provisional credit. I'll deposit the money from my accounts into another credit union or into another bank. I'll leave a little at Chase (maybe like $50 or something) and let them do their investigation.

If they determine that they can't find my deposit, then I would think that the burden of proof will lie with Chase to prove that I didn't deposit the $2400, and I don't think there is any way that they can prove that since I have a receipt saying that the ATM was broken, there is security footage of me depositing money in that ATM, and certainly no one else was doing anything on that ATM for the two hours my car was sitting there.

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