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This is HOW YOU can become a Pilot - FlyGosh Pilot Secrets

  • Has sent hundreds of resumes after you got your CPL/type rating ( may be jobless for years ) but you have not received any response or what you get are all rejections?
  • Just finished high school, university or someone who decided to change your career path to pursue your dream as a pilot and unsure whether you should take up a piloting course and what are the options available for you to become one?
  • Was recently laid off as a captain, Senior FO or an experienced pilot with thousands of hours on type and yet failed to get a job or wonder why people less experienced than you are taking up all the “ limited “ number of jobs available in the market ?
  • Have NO idea where to start looking or how to compete with thousands of jobless pilots worldwide or how to get in touch with the right person?

If you are lost and especially have the above questions spinning in your head, then you have definitely come to the right place and I can HELP you. Please read this page from start to finish, it has a lot of VERY important information for you…

Mind you I did all this not in my own country but in a foreign land where I packed my bags and went without knowing anyone or having any connections. Today, I have many offers and in fact, I have had to politely reject them.

Many of you ( by saying

that, I mean thousands of pilots ), are interested and have asked me how did I do it? Well guess what, the good news is, for the FIRST time, I have decided to spill the beans and share with you my closely guarded SECRETS and strategies on how I managed to be where I am today and achieve success.

I will also share with you a SURE FIRE way that will get your application noticed by the airline that you wish to apply and get them to reply you. T he best part is, this strategy doesn’t even cost you a single penny.

More importantly, now you can follow me and achieve your dream as a pilot too. As the saying goes, you don’t reinvent the wheel, just follow the footsteps of successful people which will save you time, effort and money.

What I am going to share with you are REAL life strategies which I personally use to succeed. These have proven to work and are not writte n elsewhere or something you can learn by reading any other books.

If you’re reading this page, then you already know what I’ve done, what I’m good at, what I stand for, and what belief systems I practise in life. However, some of you may be new to FlyGosh.

So, by way of introduction, I am Andy, and I am from the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia. I was formally a long haul cabin crew flying around the globe with one of the biggest airlines in the world on the Boeing 777 and the Airbus 330/340. Currently, I am flying as a Pilot with an airline in Asia.

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