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How to use Single user Tally on Multiple Computers

The difference between Single user Tally and Multi user Tally is that you can use single user Tally at only one location where as a Multi user Tally can be used on different computers which are connected through LAN. Another major difference between Single user Tally and Multi user Tally is that you can open one company at all locations in case of Multiuser version and users can work on same company and data would be updated accordingly.

But let us consider a different case. You want to use one company at only one location and other company at other location but on same LAN, then should you go for Multi user Tally? This thing was very much possible in Tally 6.3 with hard lock but after introduction of soft lock feature this feature was also gone.

Due to hard lock single user tally was able to be detected on LAN although the feature of using single company on several computers was not available. But this was ideally suited for those who were teaching

Tally. They need to work on separate companies on separate computers just for teaching purpose and single user version was doing pretty fine.

Using Single User Tally on Multiple Computers

Now again this thing is possible. You can use Single user license of Tally on multiple computers. For this the trick is that you have to use Thin clients on nodes and install Single user Tally on server computer. Ideally a server with P-IV configuration and with 1GB of RAM and 80 GB of hard disk with Windows 2003 server as OS can handle almost 10-15 thin clients.

As the data is severed from server so all node can run tally simultaneously. But again the condition remains the same. No two or more computers should open single company other wise second person would be booted out by giving error message "Forced to quit by Tally User "

So this is another cost saving for Tally teaching institutes and other computer institutes. At one hand thin client solutions would save you hardware and maintenance cost while software cost would also be reduced.

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