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How to use pldt budget card

how to use pldt budget card

Are you interested in typing work from home?

If you have ever dreamed of working from home and have good typing skills, here’s your chance to get all the typing work you want.

If you know how to use a computer and type at least 30 words per minute, you can turn your typing skills into a home business.

Every business, organization, and professional needs documents typed such as reports, letters, proposals, brochures, newsletters, and manuals. Many small and large companies outsource typing, computer jobs, and clerical tasks to secretarial services.

And that's where you come in if you have typing skills. A secretarial service provides typing services (people in the industry prefer calling it “keyboarding”) and miscellaneous administrative services to businesses, organizations, and individuals.

An Ideal Home-Based Business

If you have typing skills, you can finally realize the dream of getting your own home-based business and having control of when you work and who you work with.

Imagine how it will feel to work from the comfort of your home. stay at home with your children. eliminate rush hour traffic. commute from the breakfast table to your office in just seconds. be your own boss.

You'll set your own hours, decide how much or how little you want to work, and how much you charge, and you'll keep the profits instead of making money for your boss.

If you have a job, you don't have to leave your job. You can run your secretarial business part time.

You Don’t Need a Lot of Money

to Provide Typing Services

Many people have told me they don’t have the money to start a secretarial business. You need very little start-up money. All you need to open your doors for business is a computer, a printer, a phone, a ream of paper and some business cards.

The start-up cost is very low compared to just about any business. Did you know that starting a cleaning franchise requires $30,000 in cash and a $90,000-$130,000 inventory? Or that a daycare franchise requires an initial investment of $1.7 to $2.3 million dollars?

You don’t even need a high-end computer to start a secretarial business. Almost any computer will work to do word processing. If you're completely broke, you could ask a friend, neighbor or family member to give you their older computer and printer for free! You can even print some business cards yourself right from your own computer!

What Customers Say

"I have looked over quite a bit of it already, and I am amazed at how much information you have included. You have answered so many of my questions! I

was concerned about whether this would be a good investment of my "business money", but I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you very much!" - Julie Ensor, Antioch, TN (Nashville)

Naturally I had my reservation seeing that I'm living in Cape Town, South Africa and you're in the US. I consulted with some business people in South Africa who all warned me to be careful. I decided to "take the plunge". And I'm so glad that I did. Liezel Ferreira (Cape Town - South Africa)

"I recently purchased the Secretarial Business In-A-Box. I have to say that I am an extremely skeptical person by nature so I was a little bit unsure about purchasing the program at first. I did some research and could find nothing but wonderful things regarding the program and Leva herself. The information Leva provides to you is invaluable. There is a wealth of information and resources to guide you along your way to creating a successful home based business. Everything in the program is extremely easy to follow and laid out for you step by step. Leva has always responded to me and answered my questions with extreme professionalism and detail. I cannot begin to explain how much this program has helped me so far. Don't waste another day or another moment deciding; buy the Secretarial Business In-A-Box today! I'm so happy that I did!" Christine Paone, Bronx, NY

"I'm very grateful that you have put this package together, it's going to be a great help. I've been an Executive Assistant for years, however, due to a health problem, I had to give up my job last year. I had already been considering starting working for myself, so had registered my company name and web domain, however, I never got around to anything else. Since reading the materials I purchased from you, finally I started to feel excited and motivated again." Lynne Templeman, Edinburgh, GB

Don't Fall for Typing Scams Promising Typing Work at Home

I'm sure you've seen ads for at-home typing work that mention that they outsource work to companies looking for typists, word processors, or secretaries working from home. They may portray unrealistic income potentials and promise that they will give you a list of companies looking for typists to work from home. They imply that the company will provide you with typing jobs. These listings are usually scams and the company does NOT provide typing jobs. What you'll get is a listing of companies with addresses and phone numbers all across your whole state. Most of the companies don't even know they are listed on those lists.

Be wary of companies providing typing work at home!

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