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How to use sage payroll

how to use sage payroll

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Reduce Costs and Increase Employee Satisfaction

Save money on your payroll processing costs with the Sage Payroll PayCard, an easy-to-use alternative to paper paychecks. This payroll debit card enables all employees to be enrolled in direct deposit, regardless of an existing banking relationship. It easily integrates with your existing payroll system and features a user-friendly online enrollment platform.

Employer Benefits

    Cost-effective - reduce the costs of issuing paper paychecks Secure – minimize check fraud Smart – provide an additional voluntary employee benefit

Employee Benefits

    Convenient and secure - immediate availability of money on payday Easy to use – “unbanked” employees do not need a banking relationship

    Flexible – families can receive multiple cards for use

The Sage Payroll PayCard is a benefit to employers and employees alike. Unbanked employees will experience the convenience of immediate access to their pay and elimination of expensive check-cashing and money order fees. Banked employees will benefit from this easy way to budget a portion of their paycheck. They can send money to children in college or family members they support via debit cards that can't be overdrawn.

With the Sage Payroll PayCard, you can save money while offering your employees additional benefits and convenience. To speak to a representative about how the Sage Payroll PayCard can benefit your company and employees, call 800-521-9167.

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