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Car Wash Operators

Starting A Car Wash Business is dedicated to providing the step-by-step tools, resources and industry contact information necessary to aspiring car wash business owners to start their own hand, automated, detailing, self service, rollover/conveyorized or mobile car wash.

There are many different types of car washes to start, depending on the business model you decide to go with, and for years, we have provided a turnkey guide to starting a car wash to thousands of newcomers to the business, offering up the tools and contacts needed to start and run a car wash which has been featured in industry magazines and featured on car wash biz radio.

Written by a group of car wash business owners who have decades of combined experience in the industry, you'll discover the inside industry secrets and startup information that took years of failures and successes to acquire.

Whether you're looking to start a small, high profitable mobile car wash or run an automated or self service car wash, you won't find any other guide that provides the key methods on how to do so.

From funding sources, loans and grants, to car wash design and equipment guidance, to vending and revenue increases amenities, to proven day to day coin machine operations, to licensing, you'll find that our authoritative and street-savvy guide extremely beneficial for your new venture.

The fact is, the car wash industry is booming, general risk is low, and profit margins are steady according to various industry association data sites and professional publications. But, best of all, this is a recession proof, low overhead business that is proven and is one of most recommended new businesses to start in uncertain economic times.

People are keeping their vehicles longer and as a result, performing increased amounts of preventive maintenance to them and washing their car is one of the most popular maintenance tasks.

Thousands of people have visited our site over the years, and learned how to run their own profitable car wash business. We're now passing all of our knowledge, wholesale equipment manufacturer contacts, resources & tools to those looking to go into this unique, and very desirable business.

A Comprehensive Business Startup

Plan Electronic Guidebook

We offer a industry endorsed eBook on how to start a car wash that covers several different business model types, which can be broken down into the following categories: automatic rollover and conveyerized, hand, self-service, mobile, detail and independent curbside car washes.

We felt that there was a need on and offline to provide a one-stop publication to start a car wash without the confusion and generalized information currently on the web.

As a group of experienced car wash owners in various areas of the industry, you can rest assured that you will be able to follow proven steps necessary to successfully start and run your own car wash without the risk or uncertainty that many newcomers experience.

By having proven business models and industry tactics by your side, and things you need to keep in mind while running your business, you will always have one up on your competition, regardless of market segment or locale.

You see, unlike many other publications offered on and offline, we actually address the inner workings that all new car wash owners will come across when running a car wash.

Most people believe that the car wash industry is a cash cow business, where you all you need to do is open a car wash at a commercial site, and begin raking in the money. You've seen it before, lines of cars on a Saturday morning to get their car wash ready to insert money into the machines for a quick wash. You think to yourself, what a great business. This might be something I want to get into.

The fact is, if you ask any car wash business owner, they will tell you that there's a bit more to it than that before you can begin raking in the money.

Choosing A Car Wash Business Model Will

Help You Determine The Amount of Capital You Need

The beauty of the car wash industry is that you

can choose which sector you would like to go in, whether it be running a self service car wash, or a fully automatic and/or conveyorized model. Each type of car wash requires a certaint amount of initial cash to get started.

If you're looking to start small, then maybe a mobile, independent or curbside car wash with a select handful of clients may be right for you. In fact, a mobile or curbside hand car wash has one of the lowest start up costs, yet generates the highest return on investment and profit margin based on the setup.

If you're looking to start a commercial, fully automatic touchless or regular car wash, then we'll show you where you can apply for immediate Small Business Loans and Grants from thousands of International investors that are included in our guidebook.

What you'll find in our Internationally recognized eBook is a comprehensive educational guide, providing industry resources and tools necessary to begin obtaining the money, registration and licenses and equipment to get going quickly and easily.

In our eBook, you will find everything you need, from Strategy and Planning, To Site Selection, to Financing, to development, preparation and local analysis.

At the end of the day, it will be up to you to choose which type of car wash you would like to start, and when you do, our guide will provide you with the step-by-step information you need to get the ball rolling and begin generating revenue.

Regardless of which country you are from, what language you speak or the startup capital you have, you'll find our International, universal guide to provide the answers and solutions you need to any issues you may have.

Proven Formulas For Site Selection & Marketing

Within our eBook, we provide decades of proven industry insight to those looking to start a car wash. We truly felt a need to provide in-depth information in regards to site selection, something that most newcomers to business that is often overlooked or not given importance.

It's absolutely crucial to take note of a proposed commercial site that it offers a way for both lanes of traffic to get in and out of and looks clean.

There are many factors and questions that a potential customer before they take a pit stop into your car wash, and they are fairly straightforward.

Based off of our experience, it's the little things that will determine if you win a customer or not.

Some of which include is if your location is easy to get in and out of, if it looks clean and maintained. Appearance and first impression are keys to client retention.

Will you require bill breakers or tokens, and provide easy to use updated equipment. Is there are waiting room or office or Wi-Fi for whomever is accompanying the owner/driver of the car that's being washed.

We can tell you for certain that if you are able to keep up with the current trends and offering convenience, affordability, ease of use, amenities, appearance.

The truth is, we are excited to offer our International Recognized and Industry Approved guidebook on starting a profitable commercial car wash, which has already helped thousands of people set up their own unique car wash based off our inside industry wholesale sources, contacts and step-by-step business startup methods.

Using our formulas and checklist, you'll be armed with the knowledge necessary to maximize your return on investment by setting up a start car wash business the right way, and it's very important to do so.

Most go into the business plan, thinking they can simply set up a a few machines and rake in the money. Strategic planning is required for those looking to set up self-service or fully automatic car washes.

Those looking to start mobile or independent curbside car washes will be able to start out with very little money and market their service using hundreds of free advertising methods "listed in our guidebook". All it takes a few steady clients to begin making hundreds a week in washing clients cars where they are, whether at work, at a restaurant, a ball game or home, mobile car wash business owners generate an incredible profit margin.

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