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How to write a budget

how to write a budget

I have my top off right now, so without the top my Jeep sits 6′2″ to the top of the soft top door brackets. So I would add a few inches for the top.


I have a preganant wife (5′3″) and a 18 month old daughter. With my 2.5″ lift and the 35s I am really glad I got the side steps on my Sahara Unlimited. I still had to add grab handles so my wife can get in easily, and putting my daughter in her car seat is more difficult, but I have no complaints. We go wheeling about twice a month at my local off-road park, and I can tell you, that taking my family along is part of the reason I bought the Unlimited. Trying to take all the gear and my family in my CJ5 is NO FUN AT ALL!

I haven’t had any engine problems, but my radio has cut out probably three times in the 4 months I’ve had it.


I have 17″x9″ rims (ProComp 1089)with 5″ backspacing. I don’t do much rock climbing, but I can see where they would rub at full stuff. They stick out of my fenders about three inches on the road.

I put my spare wheel and tire (35×12.5×17 on 17×9 w/5″BS), on the factory spare mount without any problems. You can still see the third brake light and it doesn’t hit the bumper either. If it had less backspacing I think

it would hit the bumper before the gate closes all the way. I don’t have a problem with it getting in the way of the hardtop back window opening either.

My Gas Mileage hasn’t dropped off as much as thought it would. I am still getting 16-18 MPG according to the onboard. I have the 3.21 gears in still (I am stationed in Germany and need the highway gears for the Autobahn) And the AEM Brute Force intake may be helping out a little too.

I installed my Teraflex Budget Boost about a month ago and had my first problem yesterday, I was accelerating hard and in a left hand turn and my steering wheel locked to the left. After I stopped I saw my swaybar links had inverted, and my swaybar was blocking my steering linkage. I highly suggest extended swaybar links if you go with the budget boost. It could have been a big problem if I was in traffic.

I took delivery of my Jeep in December of 06 and had the hardtop on all winter. I had no leaking problems at all. I put the soft top on a few weeks ago and had a leak in the center of the windshield to top seal. I layed the top back and reinstalled it, and haven’t had a leak yet.

Tim Jones April 14th, 2007 8:56 pm

With the 2.5 BB would you say it handles the same in turns or is worse?

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