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A Weekend Solid State Tesla Coil

& my guide to How to Build a SSTC.

How to build a Solid State Tesla Coil

If you are here to learn how to build a SSTC, you have come to the right place! Welcome!

The design and construction a Solid State Tesla Coil (a Tesla Coil powered by Transistors instead of a spark gap) is not a trivial task. However, the basic mechanism and workings of a SSTC are not too complicated. The main challenge in building a SSTC lies with the fact that the builder should have a good understanding & experience with electronics, and have some test equipment (oscilloscope is required) for debugging, which many beginners may not have. There are also several subtle but important things to take note of which are usually difficult to find information about.

Unlike spark-gap or vacuum tube Tesla Coils, building an SSTC is not as straightforward as copying a schematic. When I began building SSTCs a few years years ago, I found it difficult to find information on how to build one, and what to look out for. Most tesla-coilers, through their own coiling successes and mistakes, have developed an intuitive understanding of the nuances of SSTC construction, and perhaps found them not worthy of specific mention. This has led to the motivation to write this page - a basic practical guide to Solid State Tesla Coils. I hope to write a useful and concise document aimed at the budding coiler who has perhaps built a Spark Gap Tesla Coil before, and wishes

to move on to transistor Tesla Coils.

I will document this guide through the construction of a very simple Solid State Tesla Coil - SSTC 2 - which I have designed to be simple, compact, and produces good results. I will try to explain some of my design choices. Also, I wanted to see what I was able to cook up in a one busy weekend in school! The result is the photo shown on the right (and actually took 2 weekends to complete. but that's not too bad I hope!)

You might also be interested in my previous Spark Gap Tesla Coils, Tesla Coil 1 and Tesla Coil 2. Also, check out my first SSTC 1. along with my newer DRSSTC 1. DRSSTC 2 and DRSSTC 3 coils - a more powerful variant of the SSTC.

Thanks for visiting my page and if you have any questions, wish to share your projects, or feel that my projects have inspired you in one way or another, feel free to email me at loneoceans[at]gmail(dot)com. I'd love to hear about your projects too. Additionally, if you find any mistakes in my write up, feel free to drop me a note! If this page was helpful, feel free to share it with others too!

I would appreciate any credit if you choose to use any of the design / code for your own projects. Good luck! Finally, I would like to thank the very many people especially Steve Ward, Bayley and Phillip whom I had very many conversations with and helped me in writing this guide.

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