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How to write a deferral letter

how to write a deferral letter

Request your Jury Duty be Deferred

If you are a breastfeeding mother, full-time parent, or family caregiver called for jury duty and are unable to serve:

First: Check your jury summons notification to see:

If the Court will allow you to be excused. Many do, as shown on this sample juror form’s side one and side two. (Requires Adobe Acrobat to view*)

Second: Check the applicable laws to find out whether your State or U.S. District (Federal) Court already has Family Friendly Jury Duty laws.

Regardless of what your jury summons, court clerks, or anyone else says, You must check the applicable Laws because:

For State courts, click here to retrieve the information for your state’s statute. Use it when accessing your state legislature’s website to retrieve a copy of the actual statute.

For U.S. District

Federal Courts. a copy of their Jury Plan is often available on their website.

By law, a copy is available for review in the clerk’s office.

Third: Write the Court a letter stating your situation (click here for sample letter )

If you are an at-home parent of a young child or family caretaker of an elderly or disabled relative:

You should request to be deferred until your child is older and better able to handle your absence OR you are no longer the sole caregiver of a dependent family member.

Make sure you send your letter “return receipt” and keep a copy of it for your own records.

If you found out that your state already has a Family Friendly Jury Duty law, be sure to attach an official copy of the latest statute or rule.

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