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How to write a grievance report

how to write a grievance report

Step 1

Contact your collective bargaining unit (i.e. union) if you are a member of such an organisation. Often, these organisations require that you notify them before taking any action on your part. The organisation can help you navigate local laws that may affect your rebuttal process. For example, Florida statute specifically outlines details regarding the legal process of refuting a negative job evaluation. Your union steward will be able to assist you with such matters where applicable.

Step 2

Review your job contract and corporate policies before writing a performance evaluation rebuttal letter. Some businesses require additional action beyond writing a letter, such as filing an official statement of grievance with the business's management team. Contact your corporation's human resources department if you do not fully understand your job contract and the process of disputing a job evaluation.

Step 3

Review job

performance expectations that had previously been set in any employee guidebooks you may have been given during the course of your employment. Compare these expectations with any job performance criticism in your evaluation.

Step 4

Draft a letter outlining the disparities you noticed in Step 3. Be careful to stick strictly to the factual matters. This is critical, especially if you are dealing with a manager with whom you do not have an amicable relationship. Resorting to negative vocabulary and accusations that go beyond the facts will result in the recipient of the letter doubting your arguments.

Step 5

Emphasise areas in your performance evaluation that you believe are clear violations of the job contract you signed. Be emphatic in regard to any disparities between your manager's and your version of a negative job incident (for example, an absence or a job-related injury).

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