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If you are bored while doing the same daily Blogging like writing article and publishing it for getting high traffic and then writing another article, well this is what every blogger does. But you might have seen that there is wide range of things to do while blogging through a blog as they can help you to build a successful chain, what chain? A perfect Networking chain, A resemblence. You might have seen that most of the professional bloggers have their Blogs, YouTube Channels, Facebook, Twitter and other social media and most of the guys who don't get succeed in Blogging is because of they just blog for traffic and they spam on facebook, twiter etc, the point is, is that all they got like doing spamming? where is the real blogging? you can ask this question to yourself to.

The fact is that, where is quality content, there is popularity, sharing and of course high user traffic. Most of the bloggers don't know what kind of stuff the Professional Bloggers use. Today I'm going to give you a short introduction about doing something creative and things to learn while Blogging, so let's see what can we do more creative things while blogging -

1. Video Blogging - Adobe After Effects

You know what, people love exciting and entertaining videos, now you may know what is Video Blogging, most of the guys just record and put their video online without much editing and special effects. You might have seen the Marvel Movies like Iron Man, Avengers blah blah blah, they use special effects (VFX) and special sound effects (SFX) that's what make their movies interesting and they rule over all other movies. So I would like to tell you guys that Yes, you can learn hell lotta video editing special effects and sound effects in Adobe After Effects . It is the best one I've ever used and it is bit difficult to understand though

but after understanding the concept and functions, you can cast your creative mind on the video file and definitely people will love your awesome videos. I'll write more about Adobe After Effects in my next article.

2. Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, DreamWeaver

Yes you may have heard about these softwares or you may google each if you want thorough information, but what is the use of them? most of the guys google images and put them in their blogger posts, is it perfect? well you can do make the suitable and perfect images, thumbnails. As you know Adobe Photoshop is the best photo editing and special effect in photos software, Adobe Illustrator is really an interesting thing, you can create Typography (will write more articles about Typography) and also you can make the fonts attractive that's what makes the photo look interesting, Adobe Flash. you can make awesome 2D animation in it, it is totally user friendly and simple to understand. About Adobe DreamWeaver. you can make, design and create awesome Websites even if you dont have much knowledge about coding.

Trust me, you can really make an interesting creation whether it is video, image or anything, you can make it like what professional guys do, all you need is to learn them and there are lots of tutorial online and also on YouTube. I'll post more articles to focus on them.

3. InfoGraphics

You might have heard about InfoGraphics. well it is the best medium to represent your readers the quality content, data, stats etc, There are lots of websites where you can create InfoGraphics online or you can also use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to make it more exciting and perfect.

I hope you would have enjoyed this article and you can also share what creative things you do in comment box, stay connected for further more Awesome articles where I'll be sharing brief information about Adobe Softwares.

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