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How to write a progress report

how to write a progress report

Welcome to George Spencer Academy!

'We are extremely lucky to come to this school. We feel like we've won the golden ticket!' (student comment, Outstanding Ofsted report May 2015)

'We are part of something special here' (student comment, Outstanding Ofsted report April 2010)

Thank you for your interest in George Spencer Academy. These two quotations say everything there is to say about life here. The governors, staff, pupils, parents and community are all incredibly proud of our school. At George Spencer we want children to achieve the very best of which they are capable; children who work hard; children who behave well; children who are happy, known and valued; and children who get involved with wider school life- whether in sports, the arts, the outdoors, the community or the world of work.

A big part of this work is, of course, ensuring that high quality learning is experienced every day within the school; by every student, in every subject and in every lesson. However what truly makes us distinctive is the warmth of feeling and sense of belonging that George Spencer engenders in the students, staff, parents and friends of the school.

This warmth extends to the range of local, national and international partners that we work

with in our other capacities. George Spencer is far more than a single school:

- We are the lead school in The Spencer Academies Trust, a medium sized trust of local primary and secondary schools

- The academy is a National Teaching School, and the lead school in the George Spencer Teaching School Alliance.

- We are the Lead School for the East Midlands West Maths Hub.

- The George Spencer SCITT leads a network of schools offering schools direct and provider-led routes for primary and secondary teacher training.

- The academy is a licence holder for leadership development programmes including the NPQH qualification for aspiring and working headteachers.

- The academy is a link and partner school for the Institute of Physics and a lead school in the network of excellence in computer science teaching.

- We are a Leading Edge school.

Whether you are here as a student, parent, member of the community, school leader, teacher or applicant for one of our training or networking opportunities we wish you a very warm welcome. You can find more about any part of our work here on the website. Happy browsing.

Fraser Mitchell (Principal)

Susan Jowett (Chief Executive, The Spencer Academies Trust)

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