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Calculus Used in Bioengineering

Bioengineering is an interdisciplinary field that brings together models and methods from biology, medicine and multiple fields of engineering, including mechanical, electrical and chemical. The field is heavily focused on… Read More

10 Amazing Quotes from 2014 Commencement Addresses

As the school year wraps up, thousands of graduates celebrate their achievements and prepare for the next phase of their lives. Part of this annual ritual includes words of encouragement… Read More

Study Guide for "The Yellow Rain" by Llamazares

"The Yellow Rain" is a Spanish-language novel by Julio Llamazares that was first published in Spain in 1998, then released in an English translation in 2003. The short novel tells… Read More

What Are the Four Principal Phases of the Moon?

The four principal phases of the moon vary depending on the time of the month. Find out about the four principal phases of the moon with help from a longtime… Read More

Why Are Scientists Interested in the Comet ISON?

The comet ISON has been around for 400,000 years. Find out why scientists are interested in the comet ISON with help from a longtime experienced educator in this free video… Read More

What Evidence Supports the Theory That There Is a Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy?

Evidence that supports the theory that there is a massive black hole at the center of our galaxy has to do with gravity. Find out about the evidence that supports… Read More

What Two Constellations Are Prominent During Halloween?

Halloween is a U.S. holiday that happens on October 31st every year. Find out about which two constellations are prominent during Halloween with help from a longtime experienced educator in… Read More

Why Do Stars in the Night Sky Change With the Seasons?

The stars in the night sky change with the orbit of the Earth around the sun due to the position of the Earth during its travels. Find out why the… Read More

The Layer of the Sun That Emits Visible Light

The layer of the sun that emits visible light is the surface layer. Find out about the layer of the sun that emits visible light with help from a longtime… Read More

What Is the Mean Surface Temperature For Mercury During the Day?

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun, and it orbits around the sun fairly fast. Find out what the mean surface temperature for Mercury is with help from a… Read More

How Large Is the Sun in Comparison to Other Stars?

The sun is very large in comparison to other planets, especially ones like Earth. Find out how large the sun is when compared to other planets with help from a… Read More

How Do Scientists Determine How Hot the Core of the Sun Is?

Scientists determine how hot the core of the sun is by going through a pretty long math problem. Find out about how scientists determine how hot the core of the… Read More

What Are Light Years?

Light years are the distance that light can travel in a year. Find out about light years with help from a longtime experienced educator in this free video clip. Read More

How Is the Age of Galaxies Determined?

The age of galaxies is determined by looking at the light that they're giving off. Find out about how the age of galaxies is determined with help from a longtime… Read More

Difference Between the Outer & Inner Planets

The outer and inner planets are different in a number of important ways, including in their composition. Find out about the difference between outer and inner planets with help from… Read More

Measuring the Mass of Stars

Measuring the mass of stars is something that we can easily do right here on Earth. Find out about measuring the mass of stars with help from a longtime experienced… Read More

What Would Happen if There's Life on Mars?

If there's life on mars, it would mean a lot in terms of space exploration. Find out what would happen if there's life on mars with help from a longtime… Read More

How Does Gravity Keep the Moon in Place?

Gravity keeps the moon in place and prevents it from just floating around in space. Find out about how gravity keeps the moon in place with help from a longtime… Read More

The Interval From New Moon to First Quarter Is About How Long?

The interval from new moon to first quarter requires you to understand how long each phase really takes. Find out about the interval from new moon to first quarter and… Read More

Are Meteors Dangerous?

Meteors are dangerous in a variety of different ways depending on factors like their size. Find out if meteors are dangerous with help from a longtime experienced educator in this… Read More

Are There Sandstorms on Other Planets?

There are definitely sandstorms on other planets, but only the ones where that type of activity is even possible. Find out if there are sandstorms on other planets with help… Read More

What Is the Relationship Between a Black Hole & a Quasar?

The relationship between a black hole and quasars requires you to understand factors like gravity. Find out about the relationship between a black hole and quasars with help from a… Read More

Does Mars Have Phases Like the Moon?

Mars does not have phases like the moon for a number of interesting reasons. Find out if Mars has phases like the moon with help from a longtime experienced educator… Read More

How to Memorize Constellations

If you want to memorize the constellations, you'll have to learn what makes each one unique. Memorize constellations with help from a longtime experienced educator in this free video clip. Read More

The Ram Constellation

The Ram constellation is Aries, as it is more formally known. Find out about the Ram constellation with help from a longtime experienced educator in this free video clip. Read More

Was Pluto Always That Small?

Pluto was formed four point six billion years ago. Find out if Pluto was always that small with help from a longtime experienced educator in this free video clip. Read More

How Have Astronomers Been Able to Study the Surface of Venus?

Astronomers have been able to study the surface of Venus largely through observation. Find out how astronomers have been able to study the surface of Venus with help from a… Read More

The Equinox of the Planets

The equinox of the planets has to do with the equatorial plane of those bodies. Find out about the equinox of the planets with help from a longtime experienced educator… Read More

The Effect of a Planet's Mass on Its Orbit

A planet's gravity is directly related to its mass. Find out the effect of a planet's mass on its orbit with help from a longtime experienced educator in this free… Read More

Describe the Surface Terrain on Jupiter

The surface terrain on Jupiter is part of why it is considered to be a terrestrial planet. Get tips on the surface terrain on Jupiter with help from a longtime… Read More

How Does Studying Comets Help Science?

Studying comets has been a really important part of science for as long as science has been around. Find out about how studying comets helps science with help from a… Read More

Facts About Comets in the Solar System

Most of the comets in the solar system come from the Oort cloud. Get facts about comets in the solar system with help from a longtime experienced educator in this… Read More

Top Schools for Sports Marketing for Undergrad Majors

Sports marketing managers develop marketing, advertising and promotional plans for sporting events. Sports marketing programs can be separate classes or a major focus, such as within sports management. No organization… Read More

Colleges Campuses in Florida

Florida is one of the most popular vacation spots in the country, and the state's beaches are a top destination for college students during spring break. But Florida also is… Read More

BSN Degrees for Registered Respiratory Therapist

Combining a bachelor's degree in respiratory therapy with a bachelor's degree in nursing significantly increases salary and career potential. Registered nurses on average make about 10 percent more than respiratory… Read More

Physical Anthropology Field Schools

Physical anthropology is a biological science and a social science. It combines the study of human biology and evolution with the study of human culture and behavior. In the United… Read More

Colleges for Cardiac Nurses

According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2011 over 11 percent of adults had been diagnosed with heart disease. Cardiovascular conditions are a significant problem in the United States.… Read More

College Algebra Activities in Factoring

Factoring trinomials is a lot like packing a suitcase. Find out about college algebra activities in factoring trinomials with help from an experienced math professional in this free video clip. Read More

Which Major is Better for Med School: Biology or Biochemistry?

You want to get into medical school, one of the most competitive educational arenas for graduates. It's not easy to enter or last in this field, and you want to… Read More

Acute Nursing Assistant Programs at Community Colleges

Acute nursing assistants provide short-term care for patients who have suffered serious injuries in an accident or suffered a serious health problem that requires short-term care. The Bureau of Labor… Read More

Majoring in Radiology

Seeing broken bones, ulcers and tumors might make some people squeamish, but to radiologists, it’s just another day at work. These health-care professionals use X-rays to capture pictures of patients… Read More

Top Funeral & Mortuary Schools

Funeral parlors aren’t just family businesses any more. You need some medical and legal training to break into this evolving field. Fifty-eight U.S. funeral schools are accredited by the American… Read More

Estate Law Schools

Estate planning, the practice of arranging the transfer of assets in anticipation of death, is designed to protect wealth for the intended beneficiaries. A Master of Laws, or LL.M. is… Read More

What Do I Major in for the Front Office of a Hospital?

The front desk of a hospital is like the command center of a vast operations unit. People working at the front desk answer questions about patients, route phone calls and… Read More

Degrees for Working With Special Needs in the Medical Fields

Working with special needs patients in a medical setting requires a combination of skills and knowledge that professionals must earn through specialized training. Doctors, nurses, physical therapists and occupational therapists… Read More

Math & Science Requirements for Criminal Justice Majors

Criminal justice majors need a strong academic background in math and science if they plan to pursue careers in forensic science or criminal investigation. Criminal justice majors who want careers… Read More

What Kind of Classes Do You Take If You Get a Degree in Applied Science?

If you are anxious to enter the workforce, consider pursuing the career-oriented path of applied science. An associate degree can be earned in two years of full-time study. The programs… Read More

The Best Undergraduate Degrees to Go Into Criminology

Criminology is the study of crime and the scientific causes of criminal behavior. The professional field encompasses a wide range of jobs, such as police officer, detective, forensic scientist, criminal… Read More

Similarities Between Essays & Research Papers

Despite their differences, essays and research papers share a number of similarities. Essays frequently allow for more creativity, reflection and originality, while research papers are meant to test your ability… Read More

How to Nail Your College Interview

Though your college interview is not the only deciding factor for whether you’ll be accepted into the school, you’ll want to make the best possible impression on your interviewers. A… Read More

Biology Major

vs. Biochemistry Major

Students in the natural sciences who wish to study biology have two choices: biology or biochemistry. While the two overlap considerably, biochemistry is a more focused major that is frequently… Read More

How to Organize Your Dissertation Notes

When you are writing a dissertation, you may use well over 100 sources and take thousands of notes. You will need most of these sources for your literature review chapter… Read More

Finite Math and Its Application

There is no commonly agreed-upon definition of finite math. Some experts equate it with discrete math, but others distinguish between the two in varying ways. Experts do agree, however, that… Read More

Where to Study Software Engineering

Software engineering represents an advanced course of study for computer science majors who wish to develop their technical expertise and knowledge. A specialization within graduate-level computer engineering programs, software engineers… Read More

What College Classes Should I Take to Become an Earth Science Teacher?

A great earth science teacher must know the specialized content involved in the course and have classroom management skills to handle a subject that doesn't necessarily interest the majority of… Read More

If You Transfer Schools Does Your Attendance Go With You?

Transferring schools can give you the opportunity to pursue a new major, enjoy a new college culture or start life in a new location. All of your previous school records… Read More

B.S. in Health Science vs. RN

Both a Bachelor of Science in health science and a registered nursing program can prepare students for careers in the health-care industry. The undergraduate degree that a student should choose… Read More

NYC Colleges & Universities With Teaching Programs

As of 2010 there were over 1.6 million kindergarten and elementary school teachers and an additional 1,037,600 secondary teachers in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With… Read More

Good Extra Classes for Engineers

The courses you need to take to become an engineer can be rigorous, and taking classes that complement the major requirements can help advance a student’s career after graduation. Choosing… Read More

The Difference Between an Associate & a Bachelor's Degree in Construction Management

A degree in construction management can prepare you for a number of supervisory roles in construction, such as foreman, project manager, contractor or superintendent. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics… Read More

Suggested Undergraduate Business Research Topics

Many undergraduate business degree programs require students to research and write about topics relevant to their program or career goals. When brainstorming for a topic, it always helps to focus… Read More

Group Problem-Solving & Time Management for Students

The group project is an assignment known to strike fear in the hearts of students. Combining different learning and working styles can be a challenging process, especially if some members… Read More

Do Any Colleges Offer Majors in Coaching?

John Wooden, a former, highly successful UCLA basketball coach, once said, “A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.” Being a knowledgeable and effective coach is a… Read More

The Best Colleges to Study Astronomy & Astrophysics

The vast amount of space around us that has yet to be explored and understood presents astronomers and astrophysics with endless topics to research. If you're interested in pursuing a… Read More

Low Income Vs. High Income Students & Education

Numerous headlines point to the problematic impact of socioeconomic status on educational attainment. Because education is so critical to social mobility and the American Dream, studies about income's relationship to… Read More

Classes to Take for Criminology

Professional criminologists offer skills to law enforcement to locate criminals and also present expertise to federal, state and local governments to write official policies dealing with crime and punishment. Criminology… Read More

Ideal Characteristics of Student eLearning Tools

The phrase "eLearning tools" brings to mind the various course delivery and management software systems used by schools. But many freely available and easy-to-use applications never specifically created for learning… Read More

What Is a Bachelor of Science in Business Retail Management?

Retail sales go up and down depending upon the state of the economy. If you see this as a challenge, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Retail Management can… Read More

What Math Classes Does a Banker Have to Take?

Bankers perform a number of tasks that include forecasting, analyzing financial data and they manage financial accounts. They also oversee investments and engage in trading. Banking professionals can work in… Read More

What Degree Do You Have to Get to Be a Science Museum Curator?

A science museum curator wears many hats. He must be proficient in his knowledge of science-related fields, a skilled administrator, an educator and have a talent for marketing. Science museum… Read More

What Is a Degree in Workplace Education & Development?

Studying workplace education and development will help you work in areas of human resources. You will learn how to cultivate job opportunities and teach potential and current employees the standards… Read More

Goals of Discrete Mathematics

Discrete mathematics is a branch of mathematics used extensively in computer science. It involves solving problems with finite data sets and a finite number of possible solutions. The goals of… Read More

What Is a Good College for Getting an Epidemiology Degree?

Epidemiology is an important field that helps doctors, pharmaceutical companies and other organizations in the health field track developments and trends of diseases and disorders. If you're interested in playing… Read More

Graduate School Options for Philosophy Majors

Majoring in philosophy isn't exactly the same as getting a professional degree such as accounting or nursing. That said, your liberal arts degree can still land you a prime spot… Read More

List of Courses to Become a Forensic Psychiatrist

Forensic psychiatry combines mental health and the legal system, with these medical professionals working with both mentally ill individuals and members of the legal system. Forensic psychiatrists are often asked… Read More

Do You Need a Master's Degree or Ph.D. to Become a Geneticist?

Genetics is a growing field with exciting ramifications. Geneticists study human DNA to uncover the origin of diseases, the cause of birth defects and the essence of what makes us… Read More

What Do I Major in if I Want to Be a Geriatrician?

A geriatrician specializes in treatment for people 65 and older. This type of doctor has training in both family medicine and internal medicine. As for any doctor, the path to… Read More

What Classes Do I Take for Gerontology?

A degree in gerontology offers students a variety of career paths, from nursing home assistant to social service worker to a human service assistant. Similarly, there are a number of… Read More

What Are Some Positive Ways to Manage Students Who Are Always Late to School?

Students who are chronically late can disrupt the flow of class. They'll also miss important course materials, and may not learn the important life skill of arriving to meetings and… Read More

Top Liberal Arts Colleges With Communications Majors

From a presidential debate to a friendly conversation, people create messages to convey ideas and share meaning. Students seeking a communications degree, whether it's part of a concentration or with… Read More

Can I Get Rid of College Classes Where I Scored a Bad Grade?

Whether a result of poor study habits, illness or other life factors, you might have received low or even failing grades in some of your college courses. These bad grades… Read More

Effective Communication Classes

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once quipped, “A recent survey stated that the average person’s greatest fear is having to give a speech. Even greater than death. So, you’re telling me that… Read More

Bachelor's Degree Programs for Elementary Education

A bachelor’s degree in elementary education is a useful stepping stone for teacher certification. Generally, a student earns this degree after her successful completion of a state-certified elementary education program… Read More

What Classes Do I Need to Take If I Want to Get a B.A. in Spanish?

Getting a bachelor's degree in Spanish, or any language, involves developing a superior level of knowledge of that language and its culture. As such, it involves more than simply learning… Read More

The Best Colleges if You Want to Be in the FBI

Special agents for the Federal Bureau of Investigation assist both state and federal agencies with crime scene analysis, predator analysis, bank robberies and terrorist tracking. Agents for the FBI must… Read More

Undergraduate Courses in Zoology

Many careers begin with a degree in zoology -- at a zoo, a pet store, in research or in academics, among others. The courses you take in college may determine… Read More

Undergraduate Track to Becoming a Surgeon

Surgeons may be some of the top medical practitioners in the world, but they must get their start where every other college -educated professional does -- undergraduate school. This includes… Read More

Majors That Require Chemistry

While chemistry itself is a major, you will also find that other courses of study require you to take classes focused on this area of science. If you are majoring… Read More

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using College Students in Psychological Research

College students play a significant role in most psychological researches conducted across the world, according to Approximately 75 percent of psychological departments in U.S. and Canadian universities have formed… Read More

Which Four Year Colleges Offer Majors in Game Design?

Game design is an attractive field. Not only is the industry growing, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, but the job is also a fun one, allowing people to… Read More

Biomechanical Engineering Colleges

Due to the rapid expansion of technological advancement, jobs and professions of all types are changing and adapting, and the biomechanical engineering field is no exception. A union of biological… Read More

Which Colleges Have a Master's Degree in Comparative Mythology?

A degree in an area such as comparative literature, mythology or classic studies gives graduates the information needed to teach. However, a master's degree also presents opportunities to work in… Read More

What Does Majoring in Communications Mean?

A major in communications can open many doors. People who major in communications find work in sales management, recruiting, training, marketing and more. Some find work in the sports industry… Read More

Nursing Masters Vs. DNP

The field of nursing offers a wealth of continuing education opportunities, which employers often support through tuition reimbursement, and schools encourage through part-time and online classes for working nurses. Registered… Read More

The Best College for a Fashion Magazine Editor

Editing for a fashion magazine seems like a glamorous job at first blush, with trips to fashion shows and free designer clothes as perks. However, being a fashion magazine editor… Read More

Top Colleges for Agronomy

Scientists look for ways to protect and maximize the earth's resources to help sustain world's population of over seven billion people. Agronomists play a vital role in feeding them all… Read More

Benefits of Getting a Bachelor of Arts Degree

With a Bachelor of Arts degree, you can choose from a wide variety of majors in the liberal arts and humanities. Some majors offer more career opportunities than others, but… Read More

Schools That Offer Degrees in Healthcare Administration

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, salaries for entry level positions in health care administration are as high as $48,300 as of 2013. But in order to land… Read More

How Long Do You Have to Go to School for Child Psychology?

Psychologists evaluate and interpret the behavior of humans in a variety of settings. Clinical child and adolescent psychologists work as counselors, teachers, researchers or case managers focusing on improving the… Read More

An MBA in economics prepares graduates to enter a career in government, banking, finance and the corporate world. Economics students examine the process of buying and selling and analyze the… Read More

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