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How to Write a Victim Impact Statement

Crime victims can sometimes feel that they’re at the mercy of the justice system. If they have any say in the trial proceedings at all, it’s usually as witnesses and they can only answer the questions put to them. Preparing a victim impact statement offers victims an opportunity to express their feelings to the judge or the parole board when it comes to sentencing issues.

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Tell the Court How Crime Affected Your Life

Victim impact statements don’t have to follow a prescribed legal format. You’re free to tell the court in your own words whatever you want the judge or parole panel to know. You might want to talk about how the crime affected you financially, such as because it caused you to lose your job or because you had to come out of pocket for medical bills or counseling fees. You can explain how your life is different now from how it was before the crime occurred, both for you and your family. The defendant has a right to dispute facts you present, but he can’t dispute your feelings.

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Victim impact statements are testaments made during a trial by living or peripheral victims of a crime. The statements can serve as.

The United States inherited the English common law system, where victims of a crime were given the opportunity to make victim impact.

A victim impact statement is a statement made by either the victim of a crime or the victim's family that is made.

The prosecutor's office may have a form called a Victim Impact Statement available for you. You can find sample domestic violence.

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For example, if you are writing. A victim impact statement is a statement made by either the victim of a crime.

Pre-sentencing investigations or victim impact statements allow both the victim and the perpetrator to give a more complete view of the situation.

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