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A new cock-up has been uncovered, which potentially affects the whole country. itself is currently limited to just four ‘pathfinder’ areas – and no data has been extracted yet. If you would like to opt out, forms to do so are here . We are are working  to ensure that NHS England honours all opt outs and that its promise that this will not affect your direct care is true.

UPDATE 23/1/15: If you opted out last year, your direct care has not been affected. As of now, none of the opt out codes have been extracted and the programme has taken no information from your GP’s systems.

We learnt from a letter we got sight of minutes before we gave evidence to the Health Select Committee on 21 January that, due to a mistake with the ‘Type 2’ (9Nu4) objection code, everyone who opted out with it will need to be contacted to

confirm the details of a new, as yet unspecified, arrangement. Opting out now should mean you are contacted in that group.

But because the codes have not been extracted, HSCIC has no way to know whose data to prevent passing on to its customers. Data releases resumed last summer; you can see the organisations which have received data in HSCIC’s quarterly Data Release Register .

Unfortunately at this point no-one, including HSCIC itself, can tell you if your data has been released – which is one example of why we’ve been pushing for personalised Data Usage Reports. With those in place, you would know.

We are working hard to ensure that your opt out is honoured, and that it does what you were told it would do – by us, and by NHS England.

If you want to be kept up to date with what’s going on, and with facts you can act on:

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