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How to write observation report

how to write observation report

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Step 1:

Choose the type of observation report to write. Options include scale assessments, open-ended reports and worksheet reports of observed classrooms.

Step 2:

Write a report that evaluates the classroom lessons' organization. Lessons should include compelling introductions, good transitions, understandable material, clear instructions for the students to work on, related individual activities and a clear summary that leads the students to anticipate any follow-up lessons.

Step 3:

Write a review of the classroom lesson's content. Observe and comment about the clarity and variety in the presentation of the lesson's main ideas, the presentation of supporting information, the lesson's relevancy and

the demand for students to engage in different types of thinking as part of the lesson.

Step 4:

Write observations of whether the teacher presents her classroom lessons' learning objectives clearly to the students, whether the teacher fully explains any assignments relating to the lessons and whether the teacher has created objective evaluation tools to assess the success of the lessons.

Step 5:

Note in the observation report the inclusion of alternative methods of instruction in the classroom's lessons. Many teachers prefer to instruct frontally, but teachers should bring in audio-visual materials, worksheets, Internet sources and outside speakers to strengthen lesson plans and motivate the students.

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