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Improve Your Grant Writing Proposals

how to write reports and proposals

We are the one-stop website about grant and proposal writing for grant writing professionals in all fields—education, health care, government, public services, environment, social/human services, and faith-based organizations.

We are dedicated to helping grant writers become more successful by providing information, sample documents, and other resources aimed at teaching and improving grant writing skills.

We are geared to the writing processing—preparing and developing grant proposals and applications to private and public sources. It is a resource for fund raisers writing grants and proposals to foundations, corporations, and government agencies. provides information about how to write grants and how to improve grant writing skills—leading to better-written, stronger proposals, and greater funding success!

Grant Writing Basics

Read about the Standard Foundation Proposal presentation; project budget; cover letter; letter of intent; letter proposal; appendices; and, common grant applications.

Read about foundation grant makers: types of foundations; how to identify foundation grant makers; readiness test; and how to apply.

Read about federal government grant makers: the federal agencies that make grants; how to identify grant

programs; how to apply for federal grants; who can apply; application forms; and the federal review process. See a sample federal grant with reviewer comments provided by the Department of Health and Human Services and a sample budget and budget narrative provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

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Read about grant writers: grant writing skills; how to hire a grant writer; how to get into the business; and fees and salaries.

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Proposal Library (members only)

Read sample foundation and government proposals and proposal reviews. Members preparing a grant proposal have access to the library where they can read helpful copies of other proposals written to the same government agency or for similar projects.

Grant Grammar and Writing Tips takes grant writers back to the basics by addressing common grammatical errors, strengthening vocabulary, and offering writing and presentation tips for strengthening grant and proposal writing.

Grant Writers Connect (coming soon)

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