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Core Seminar: Write to Change the World

This highly interactive day-long seminar will challenge you to think more carefully and more expansively about your knowledge and experience, and why it matters. We will explore the source of credibility; the patterns and elements of powerful evidence-based argument; the difference between being “right” and being effective; how to preach beyond the choir; and how think bigger—so that we can have greater influence and value in the world.  You will emerge with a powerful argument for an idea or cause you believe in, and a network of high-level mentors. This seminar is about empowering you to find your voice and make a case for the ideas and causes you believe in—whether in print, online, on TV, before your board of directors, to potential funders or investors, or on the steps of congress. And it is about the collective difference we can all make by doing so.

All participants will have one year of ongoing access to our national network of high-level Mentor-Editors .

Want to know what it’s like from an alum?  Here’s how a few of them described the day: Kelly Hoey (NYC, Dec 5, 2009);  Kyra Gaunt, Ph.D. (NYC, Jun 19, 2010); Michele Elam, Ph.D. (Stanford Program); Jennifer Lentfer (San Francisco, Jul 19, 2010); Michele Weldon (Chicago, June 11, 2011).

Who should attend?

The seminar is open to all participants age 18 or over (we may make exceptions for mature younger participants on a case-by-case basis).  Our main focus is on under-represented voices (especially women), although we welcome everyone (including men).  Our programs are equally powerful for those with or without publishing or professional writing experience.  If you'd like to bring The OpEd Project to your university, nonprofit, conference, community organization or company, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The immediate focus of our mission is on increasing the range of voices we hear from in the world, especially women's voices. Our purpose is not to exclude men. In fact, there are men on our Advisory Board and over a third of our Mentor-Editors are men. That's because we think everyone loses when so many of our best voices and ideas--including women's voices and ideas--are missing.   This is an everyone project and we think that men are a part of the solution, not the problem.

Therefore: we welcome men to join our programs. so long as they have demonstrated a commitment to our mission to increase the diversity of voices in public debate--especially women's voices.

We go on the

honor system, but  we ask that you request the minimum scholarship that will allow you to attend - so that we can accommodate others who are in need.  If a discount of more than 50% is needed, we request that you first contact your university or employer to see if they will match our scholarship, before requesting additional support from us.   If that option is unavailable to you, we ask that you submit a 750-word draft op-ed, in order to be considered for a majority or full scholarship.

Note: our scholarship policy is designed to ensure that every person who attends one of our programs has made  a payment – whether in dollars or in words – specifically for the purpose of attending the program.   This demonstrates each person’s commitment to us and to fellow participants, and leads to better results and a more vibrant group dynamic.   Although we go on the honor system, please keep in mind that a previously written or previously published op-ed does not meet the spirit of our scholarship requirements.

We very much hope you’ll  join us!  If you need assistance, please be in touch as far in advance as possible.

Please direct your scholarship requests to the regional manager overseeing your city.  Click here for contact information for all regional managers.

Cancellation Policy

Full payment must accompany your application and will officially hold your spot. Fifty percent of the tuition is refundable if cancellation is made at least 30 days prior to the seminar date. After 30 days it is nonrefundable.

Should you need to reschedule, you may apply your tuition to a future seminar at no additional charge if you contact us more than five business days prior to the seminar date.  If you wish to transfer or reschedule, we could accommodate you for any session within the calendar year.  Alternatively you may "pay it forward" and send another person to the session for which you registered.  If you choose to do this and also to register yourself for a future session at the same time,  we will grant a $50 credit toward your tuition for the future session.

With 5 days notice or less there is a $100 rescheduling fee, as we cap our sessions at 20 and will be effectively holding an empty seat for you.  Note: this fee may be waived if there is a wait list and we can fill your spot.

If you do not show up for a session for which you have registered, and have not given us advance notice, we cannot transfer your registration.

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