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How to Write a Job Interview Thank You Note

how to write up a promissory note

By Alison Doyle. Job Searching Expert

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When asked about the most appropriate way for candidates to follow up, 38% of managers surveyed said that hand-written notes were acceptable, while 87% said email worked. 81% said a phone call was appropriate, as long as the interviewee didn't call multiple times.

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Social media is another way to say thank you, with 27% of managers considering it acceptable. Only 10% thought text messages were appropriate.

An influence letter is another way to relay your thanks and to share more detailed information on why you would be asset with the employer. Here's how and when to write an influence letter instead of a thank you letter.

It's important to note that about half

of applicants don't send a thank you note after an interview. So, if you're one of the applicants who does spend a few minutes taking the time to send a thank you note to your interviewers it will be worth the effort.

Writing Thank You Notes

Keep a box of generic thank you notes on hand, along with a supply of stamps. Or, consider a personal thank you note with your photo. It's a good way to remind the interviewer who you are, as well as reiterate your interest in the job. Then, as soon as you get home from the interview, you can write your thank you note.

In your thank you note, remind the interviewer about your key qualifications for your job and reiterate your interest in the position. Review thank you letter writing tips for advice on what to write.

In addition, here are thank you quotes you can use to create your own personal thank you notes and letters.

Thank You Note Samples

If you're not sure what to write, review thank you note samples applicable to a variety of employment-related situations. Edit the thank you note example you select, so it reflects your personality and your interest in the new job.

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