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PayPal Error When Attempting To Make Payment

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There is an error message that buyers sometimes encounter when attempting to make a PayPal Payment.

Something to the effect "Error:Unable To Process This Transaction" or "Unable To Complete Payment"

or "Unable To Proceed, Try again Later"

The wording may be a little different, but the message is essentially the same.

We have some first hand experience in this area, when buying (yes we are also buyers).

The advice which will be given first mention here is;

Contact eBay Customer Support (or Live Help)

( Felt obligated to say that)

AND contact your seller. (VERY IMPORTANT)

* A seller has no way of knowing when a buyer is experiencing such issues, unless they hear from the buyer.

What We Have Found To Work:

When we've encountered this error while shopping on eBay, we bypassed the eBay checkout and logged directly into

our PayPal account.

Near the top of the page, there is a "SEND MONEY" Tab. Directly under this, there is "Pay for eBay Items".

Clicking on that, should pull up ALL the purchases you have on eBay that are not yet paid.

You can then select the one you would like to pay and complete your transaction.

* Sometimes clearing the cookies on your computer will also solve the issue, if it is a cache problem.

* It may be best to clear cookies and then restart your computer.

* We've noticed that once in a while, this spontaneously clears up on its own without the buyer or seller doing anything at all.

One common misconception. some buyers automatically assume that the error message means there is something

wrong with the sellers account.

Unless the error message specifically says so, there is probably nothing wrong with the seller's account at all.


Paying for eBay Purchases

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