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what are bacs payments

Bacs approved bureau - a commercial bureau awarded approved status by Bacs

An organisation and a system for transferring money to and from UK bank accounts. Mainly used for business to business payments and collections. It also manages the Direct Debit Scheme.

Bacs Cycle

The three day cycle (minimum three English bank working days) taken for a payment instruction to be submitted to Bacs for processing and the time it reaches the destination account. The processing cycle has the following stages: arrival, input, processing and entry.

Bacs Direct Credit

Direct Credit is a simple, secure and reliable service, which enables both large and small organisations to make payments by electronic transfer directly into a bank or building society account. It is mainly used for paying wages and salaries.

Bacs Notifications

Delivered via Bacs to provide business critical data in a standardised format for reintegration with 3rd party applications or provision in a readable format:

  • ADDACS - Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service
The service allowing banks/building societies to advise service users of any amendments to or cancellations of Direct Debit Instructions set up for an account.
  • ARUCS - Automated Return of Unapplied Credit A reporting mechanism by which banks return unapplied credits to you as the service user via the Bacs service. The ARUCS report is generated with a reason as to why the funds are being returned, such as account closed or beneficiary deceased. A notification will be emailed when the

    report is available to be viewed and downloaded from the Bacs web channel.

  • ARUDD - Automated Return of Unpaid Direct Debits The service allowing bank/building societies to re turn to the service user any Direct Debit payment instructions they could not apply.
  • AUDDIS - Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service

    The service enabling Direct Debit Instructions (DDIs), the message to set up a new direct debit to be transferred electronically from service users to the Paying Banks and building societies via the Bacs service.

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  • AWACS - Advice of Wrong Account for Automated Credits Service

    If a Direct Credit has incorrect account destination details the receiving bank will try to locate the correct account and advise the originating organisation of the details. The AWACS is the automated system used by the banks to notify the organisation of the correct details to be used for future payments. A notification will be emailed when the report is available to be viewed and downloaded from the Bacs web channel.

  • Bacs payment services website

    A secure website for service users to download reports, view submission information and manage PSC's and Additional contacts.


    A service which employs Internet Protocol combined with PKI security to access the Bacs 3 day service. May be accessed using either the Payment Services website or Bacs approved software. The service is used for submissions to Bacs, for report collection and administration of user data.

    BASS - Bacs Approved Software Service

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