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What are budget hotels

what are budget hotels

backroadsandy (26 reviews)

Columbia Heights

If you aren't fussy this motel works for a one night stop. I booked on line, Sunday night and got the room for $50 plus tax. No one showed up in the office even banging the bell, so I took the motel business card, called and a young man showed up. I told him I booked on line which he paid no attention to.He was the entire crew for the day: desk, cleaning etc. I filled out the card and he asked me to sign it. I said I would when he put the fees on it which he did @$69 plus tax. There was a bit of a language problem between us, but he finally agreed to get on his computer and I checked in for $50.

This is an old hotel in a dying town.

The room was sprayed heavily with fragrance so if you have allergies it is miserable. The carpet was old and I didn't take my shoes off except to sleep. It was a no smoking room but had many burn holes in the blanket, rug, furniture.

i gave it two stars because it had clean sheets and a comfortable bed, towels clean and white. Digital a/c that worked well and was quiet. Apt. Size refrig and microwave. Hot water with good shower head. We had no one above us, although we could here some walking upstairs. Outside entrance, no elevator. Restaurant available was Mexican which was fair. We were in room 8.

If you have time, a visit to the Monastary in Ferdinand is very interesting, and there is a large theme park with interesting Christmas stores in Santa Claus, both close by.

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