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What are chaps payments

what are chaps payments

Following the announcement in December 2014 by the EU Commission, that they were withdrawing the BS/EN1384 hat standard, it became a necessity for The Showing Council to open full discussions with its Member Bodies in order to find clarity for everyone within the Showing community. The Showing Council is very pleased to be able to announce that after full consultation with BETA and open debate at Council, there is now a unified agreement on the use of the BS/EN1384 hat standard which is as follows;

Hats with the BS/EN1384 standard will continue to be permitted for use in affiliated showing competitions throughout 2015 and 2016, for those bodies which are Members of The Showing Council. For full list of Memb er Bodies please see The Showing Council website

The Showing Council Member Bodies will be removing the BS/EN1384 from the list of recommended standards from the 1st January 2017.

NB: The Showing Council Member Bodies are allowing the BS/EN1384 standard to be worn until at least January 2017, however this may be extended depending on the publication of the new harmonised European standard, the date for which has yet to be confirmed. Equally, should a new European standard be agreed prior to 1st January 2017, The Showing Council Member Bodies reserve the right to update their Rules accordingly.

The Showing Council does advise that all Competitors should update their hats regularly and, when doing so, they should meet one of the current standards.

For further information, please contact your relevant Association or Society.

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