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What are dashboard reports

Connect to and Import External Data in Excel

Business Executive Bundle (New Limited-Time Exclusive Introductory Offer)

The New and Updated Business Executive is the largest collection of software, templates, dashboards, reports, excel tools and more. for business managers. Improve your business, get organized and get a better business insight into your performance.

How to create powerful excel dashboards and performance measurement system for your business by focusing on the most important metrics and KPIs.

Traditional costing treats overhead using the amount of a certain cost driver, like the volume of work hours required to manufacture a product. Cost driver is actually a point that triggers cost to accumulate, for example process hours and employee hours. Activity based costing on the other hand assigns the costs of servicing customers, delivering services and manufacturing products based on the activities required. posted in finance

Reliable and predictable marketing system means that you are in control – you can forecast based on your marketing system how much new business you will generate next month, how many new customers you will get, how many products and services you will sell… which of course help

you plan your scheduling and capacity. posted in marketing

AR management tips and tools to help you improve your cash flows. How to make sure you monitor your aging accounts on an ongoing basis and take actions on time to maximize your cash flows. Track, monitor and manage your accounts receivables with this Excel tool which allows you to just enter your data anbd print your AR reports instantly. posted in finance

Purchasing as a key business function has become evolved coming from price based straightforward function in to a craft and discipline that involves strategies, sourcing, value chain analysis, cost of ownership, QC. It is very important for just about any organization to develop an efficient purchasing dashboard along with all of the priority key performance indicators and critical success factors that will influence purchasing actions. posted in finance

Business planning and budgeting in effective companies require proactive scenario planning and analysis. The cost-volume-profit analysis is the foundation for real business planning, where what-if scenario planning can forecast substantial impact and risk of any changes in the business. posted in finance

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