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Quinazoline derivatives: synthesis and bioactivities

what are epidermal derivatives

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Department of Chinese Traditional Herbal, Agronomy College, Sichuan Agricultural University, No. 211, Huiming Road, Wenjiang Region, Chengdu, 611130, P. R. China

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3 June 2013


Synthesis of 3H-quinazolin-4-ones via aza-Wittig reaction.

Microwave-assisted synthesis

Compared to traditional heating methods, microwave heating could expand reaction range as well as shorten the reaction time from a few days or hours to a few minutes. Thus, when applied in fields of organic synthesis, pharmaceutical chemistry and high-throughput chemistry,

microwave heating shows greater advantage than traditional heating methods [28 -31 ].

Solvent-catalyst-free microwave-assisted synthesis of quinazolines.

Hazarkhani et al. adopted isatoic anhydride and 2-aminobenzimi-dazole as the raw materials, DMAC as solvent in their starting research and got 2-amino-N-(1-H -benzimidazol-2-yl) benzamide under microwave irradiation [35 ]. Then they discovered that this novel amide has three nucleophilic sites to condense with different electrophilic compounds, which made it applicable for the synthesis of numerous quinazolinone based targets, and was applied in the following synthesis.

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