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What are sepa payments

Enterprises in Lithuania can already use the ISO 20022 XML standard messages; as of the next year, this will be mandatory

The largest banks in the country (AB SEB bankas, „Swedbank“, AB and AB DNB bankas) as well as credit unions belonging to the Central Credit Union have already been providing the sending of payments and receipt of statements of accounts.

STI and Bank of Lithuania recommendations on SEPA will reach 200 thousand legal entities

The State Tax Inspectorate (STI) started to send by email letters to domestic legal entities, prepared jointly with the Bank of Lithuania, regarding the country’s joining the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) and pending payment changes. The letter will be sent out.

The Association of Lithuanian Banks approved and announces documents describing the e-invoicing service

With the end of

the public consultation, the Association of Lithuanian Banks approved the Rules for E-invoicing provision for Payers and the Technical Standard. These documents, describing the service of providing electronic invoices.

New versions of the documents defining the rules for the use of the ISO 20022 XML Message Standard published

Having taken into account the updated SEPA credit transfer scheme rulebook of the European Payments Council, which will become mandatory in making SEPA credit transfers already from 22 November 2015, the Lithuanian SEPA Coordination Committee.

Invitation to accounting software developers to notify of software in line with SEPA requirements

In order to migrate to SEPA payments, a great part of Lithuaniain enterprises will have to adapt their accounting software to new data exchange with on-line banking systems formats. Seeking to inform Lithuanian enterprises about accounting software which is.

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