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What Are the Different Types of Tents?

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A Guide to Tents for Camping

There are many different types of tents available. When people are planning their first camping trips or looking to replace their current tent, there are many tent types available on the market to suit a range of budgets and needs.

Camping has provided an affordable way to holiday for over 100 years but it really grew in popularity during the 1960s. Since then camping tents have evolved from basic structures into the more modern and weatherproof varieties available on websites such as eBay today. Traditionally A-Frame tents were commonplace in campsites across the country, which you can still buy second hand, but these have largely been replaced with more spacious dome, hoop and tunnel tents to provide a more comfortable camping experience.

One of the main benefits of staying in a tent on holiday is value for money. The price of a new or used tent on eBay will typically compare favourably to alternative means of accommodation such as booking a hotel, caravan or guest house for a week or two away. And of course a tent can be used for more than one camping trip.

Popular Tent Brands

There are dozens of different tent manufacturers supplying the camping market. Popular tent brands on eBay include:

Below is a guide to five of the most common tent types used for camping.

Dome Tents

The name dome tent refers to the shape of the structure once it has been erected. A dome tent will typically come with three or four hoops as opposed to traditional tent poles, depending on its size. The hoops intersect to form the dome shape and provide its strength.

For people who haven’t been camping before, dome tents may not be the best option if they’re looking for a tent that’s quick and easy to put up on site.

Dome tents can be modified from their basic structure through the use of an additional porch. This may be required when the tent is being used by families for example who are looking for extra space away from the main sleeping area. A porch area is a useful place to store items such as muddy clothing and footwear.

Common uses for dome tents include:

  • Family Camping Trips
  • Music Festivals
  • Hiking Holidays

Hoop Tents

Hoop tents offer campers versatility as they are available with one, two or three hoops to deliver a number of sizes and configurations. One of the biggest benefits of hoop tents is the fact the walls are curved and allow for more internal space than other types of tent. eBay is a good place to find affordable new and used hoop tents.

A single hoop tent makes for a lightweight and compact camping solution. Single hoop tents are favoured by many hill walkers and hikers who cover long distances by foot each day. They are also useful for camping trips by car when boot space is at a premium.

While hoop tents are useful for a range of camping trips, their reputation for being rugged is not the best. If there are likely to be very adverse weather conditions such as high winds on a camping trip, hoop tents are typically not the sturdiest.

Pop Up Tents

Pop up tents are popular amongst first-time campers due to the speed and convenience they provide. You can find many pop up tents on eBay to suit your needs and budget.

Occasional campers such as music festival goers tend to appreciate the lightweight nature and affordability of pop-up tents.

Anyone who is going camping for the first time might want to consider shopping for a pop-up tent in order to save time on erecting their overnight accommodation.

One important point to consider when it comes to pop-up tents is their stability. Securing the tent to the ground through the use of guy lines and pegs is advisable just in case the weather conditions change during the night.

A pop-up tent is essentially a ready to go tent in a bag. Simply open it up and watch it spring into shape.

Tunnel Tents

Tunnel tents as the name suggests are elongated sleeping structures that resemble a tunnel. Tunnel tents available on eBay come in a wide range of sizes and can be configured to suit different requirements.

Large tunnel tents are particularly well suited to family camping holidays. The reasons for this are they are spacious and are able to be sectioned off internally into different sleeping areas so everyone can have their own space.

Many campers choose to

extend their tunnel tents with awnings to increase the amount of living space available. These extensions can provide a dry area to have breakfast for example without having to eat and sleep in the same place.

Other benefits of tunnel tents worth mentioning are that some family versions mean people can stand at full height within the tent. Also, many tunnel tents come with windows to allow campers to enjoy the view while they have breakfast or keep an eye on their children while they play outside.

Geodesic Tents

For serious campers who want to sleep out in wintry conditions geodesic tents are the perfect choice.

Geodesic tents are essentially dome tents with extra stability. The stronger structure is achieved through extra intersecting poles. Geodesic tents are renowned for their stability and are also spacious inside.

These tents are available in a wide range of sizes from one man through to family sized that can sleep up to six people.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Tent

Being armed with information on the various tent types is just part of the overall decision making process. For people who have never bought a tent before and those who have had a tent for some time and want to replace it, there are a number of things to consider.

Listed below are more details regarding what campers should be looking out for as part of the tent buying decision process to ensure they get the right product for their requirements whether it’s via eBay or an offline store.

Tent size is usually described in terms of the number of people it can comfortably accommodate. This will usually be stated as one man or one berth tent and so on.

It’s important to remember that tent sizes are only a guide from the manufacturer. Different people will take different items with them on a camping trip so what might be a comfortable two berth tent for one couple may prove to be much more of a squeeze for another.

The intended use for the tent and who it will be shared with is something else to consider when thinking about the size. For example, for going away on a month long family holiday abroad, people might want as much room as possible and buy a slightly larger tunnel tent i.e. an eight berth tent for six people. Whereas a couple who go away for occasional weekend camping breaks may feel a two berth tent is adequate. eBay have a large selection of tents ranging from large family tents to small solo tents .

Budget is another important consideration when buying a tent. Factors such as what it’s going to be used for and how often it will be used should come into the equation. Every individual will have their own budget in mind when buying a tent and the pre-owned market on sites such as eBay could provide an opportunity to get an affordable tent that someone no longer needs. Really affordable options like bargain tents are sold on eBay.

  • What Will the Tent be Used for?

What someone plans on using a tent for will also play a part in how much they are willing to spend. For example, for one-off camping at a music festival someone may be considering the lower end of the tent market. However, for regular family camping trips it’s wise to look for other qualities such as stability, internal space and how much room the tent will take up in a vehicle. Other uses for tents are play items for kids. which are also available at eBay.

  • New or Second hand?

On sites such as eBay, there is a choice of brand new and second hand tents to suit many different camping requirements. Again budget will play a role when considering whether to buy a new tent or a pre-owned one.

For those planning a one-off camping trip a second hand tent could make sound financial sense. For any queries about the tent that’s for sale, the Ask the Seller function on eBay can clear up any doubt before deciding to buy.

It can be wise to research different tent manufacturers as part of the buying process. Some of the main manufacturers were mentioned near the start of this guide, but there are many more.

Different manufacturers will have their own processes for producing waterproof seams, sturdy zips, poles, and ground sheets so reading online reviews can help with the buying process.

The table below looks at the four main fabrics modern tents are made from and their various qualities.

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