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I hate the way the name of this product sounds so hyped up – it sounds like something the typical marketer would use to deliver pie in the sky promises, but when I started thinking about what to name this course, there really was no better fit – because I myself use my private label rights site as an ATM machine.

I literally pull money out of it whenever I need it – for my kids’ tuition, for vacations, for bills – you name it. I can work on it as much or as little as I want to – the upkeep is completely your decision.

So going into this, I didn’t have a page count in mind or a certain number of bonuses conjured up. I just wanted to lay down my system exactly as it is and let you copy it so that if and when you need to make money fast, you’ll know how.

My PLR story begins back when I was still ghostwriting. I had people contacting me all the time asking to hire me, but they couldn’t afford my $20-30 per page rates. I had a booked schedule of clients at that rate, though, so I wasn’t going to lower it.

I can’t remember exactly who suggested PLR to me – it was probably my mentor, Craig Desorcy, but I remember thinking how great it would be because finally, everyone could afford my writing and I would make as much if not more from my writing skills!

And I won't lie - it also meant the end of working for demanding clients, and doing work one time, yet making a lot more money on my writing than before!

I started off with a few small packs of five articles for $5. That would mean I’d have to sell 20 packs of a five pack to make as much money as I’d earn ghostwriting it.

One of the first packs I wrote – Working at Home on the Net – sold at least 94 packs at $5 each, earning me $470. I would have only made $100 off that ghostwriting – and that pack is still selling today!

I started getting requests for larger packs – some clients mentioned wanting to queue up their email autoresponder systems for a year, so I did the math and figured 52 weeks = 52 one page articles. But they’d need a freebie to give away to GET that subscriber, too, right? A five-page report would suffice.

I called these my Mega packs – a 5-page report plus 52 one-page articles, for $57. My first one was the Diet pack. It’s sold at least 42 times for $57 a pop. That’s $2,394 I’ve earned - it would have only been $1,140 if I’d ghostwritten it.

My bestselling pack to date has been my Internet Marketing mega pack. I split it – I sold 85 copies at a discount price of $47 to a group of marketers and 96 copies to the public at $57 each. That’s $9,467 off of those 57 pages I wrote!

I have a spreadsheet that lists all of the topics my clients have requested. I have a PLR list that’s very small, but very targeted – people who buy Private Label Rights. I deliver a wide array of PLR – from small 5 packs to larger mega packs to exclusive (and more expensive) limited edition packs that I added not too long ago.

I recently needed to pay a bill, so I whipped up a 20 page report on a broad topic – self development. I ran a special offer on it for $15 each, and sold 70 in the first two days. An instant $1,050 in my pocket. That’s $52.50 per page – way more than I was charging for ghostwriting!

You'll get a lesson in what PLR means, how it's used among marketers, and whether it's preferable to you over a freelance writing opportunity or other make money online strategies.

You'll be taught how to pinpoint profitable niche topics that marketers will scramble to buy PLR for, and aside from general topics, you'll learn how to pick specific tangible and digital products to write PLR about.

You'll learn the bare minimum required from you for keyword research (I put most of the burden on the customers with PLR - so this is not complicated at all and takes about 5 minutes or less using a FREE tool).

You'll discover how to work with both narrow and broad topics, how to spy on your competitors (even me!), and how to be open to customer requests for PLR they're ready to spend money on.

You'll know the details on selling PLR that matter to your customers like size, formats, types of PLR, and quality assurance. And you'll know exactly how to price each pack so they sell well and you make a nice profit from it.

You'll get insight into some extra services you can tack on to increase profits IF you want to - it's not necessary, but I wanted you to know all of the options that were there for you.

You'll be taught how to outsource to others if you want to take this route (even specifically what to say so that you get exactly what you need).

You'll also learn how to write the content packs yourself - I walk you through each specific type of PLR pack (ie: articles, sales copy, reports, etc.) and I give examples so you can see how I do it myself.

You'll get the skinny on whether you should open a membership site or a non-membership site (everyone is different, but I give you the pros and cons).

You'll see how it's possible to sell PLR if you don't have a single penny to spend on a website, hosting, or advertisements. In fact, I started out using free sites myself and I upgraded to some paid tools (like a domain) later on!

You'll learn how to technically set it up correctly (it's easy!) if you DO have the money for the basic tools (for example, $10 for a domain, $10 a month for hosting, etc.). This helps automate the process and creates less work for you, so even if you start out using free options, you'll have this part of the guide available when you're ready to upgrade your system.

You'll be building a list of prospects and customers the very day you open for business once you go through the course. And I show you both free and paid list building tools.

You'll be relieved to know that for your own PLR store, you won't have to spend weeks trying to tweak your sales copy. Your copy should take about 2 minutes. The conversion rate is higher than with info products - and I tell you why in the course.

You'll learn about TEN different specials I often run to cash in quick with my own PLR. These tactics have earned me thousands of dollars in the span of a few hours.

You'll get to dig into SIX various promotional strategies to get buyers to your PLR shop. These are wonderful ways to sell more PLR. Competition on Google is LOW compared to other niche markets! For example, if I put "diet plr" in quotes on Google, it tells me there's about 772 competing pages. That's extremely low! And while the number of searchers might be lower than a major keyword too, the difference is - these are people ready to BUY and easy to CONVERT!

You'll be able to put three methods to the test when I show you these additional perks to running a PLR store. Some save you money and some help you make more money!

And this one I owe to the guinea pig who went through my course as I created it to ensure nothing was left out: You'll learn how to organize your PLR content on your computer, how to track request topics and number of packs sold, and how to schedule content creation and promotion tactics.

The very best way I've found to create a product teaching someone something is to take

a total newbie and send them each lesson as it's completed, have them implement it, and see if they understood it and were able to do it.

So that's what I did with PLR ATM. I took one of my own ghostwriters (Sonya West) who knew nothing about marketing but knew how to write, and had her read and watch each lesson. She would email me back if there were typos, or if I needed to expand on my explanation.

In the end, she felt there were a couple of other things I'd forgotten - the last bullet point above - and so I added that content (and she was right!). I'll let her tell you what her thoughts were about this process here - and Sonya's a real woman, not some phony testimonial or a guru who "owed me one:"

You’re either going to have to invest a little time or money to get started. If you have time, write the content yourself. I’ll teach you how.

If you suck at writing, save up a small amount to outsource to a dirt cheap ghostwriter who can write your first 5 pages for you so that you can begin profiting and reinvesting in your business (I’ll teach you this, too).

But here’s the cool thing…

This site is a semi-automated one. Once you set up a new pack, you leave it forever. People find it, buy it, and get it delivered all automatically. In PLR ATM, I’m also going to show you some extra promotion stuff you can do – you don’t have to. But if you want to dominate the market, you can.

When I first started the PLR Mini Mart, it was something I did myself based on what I had learned from my mentor – and although he knew what he was doing, I didn’t stop to think about the future growth of my site, so there came a time when I had to go back and redo it.

I'm going to show you complete A to Z site set-up using a simple WordPress blog! It's so easy, even *I* can do it - and if you know me and how technically-challenged I am, you'll know that's impressive!

You’ll have that portion of the site setup course as part of your download bonus, but I'm going to show you a few technical (yet easy) things in the main guide myself. I’ll teach you how to get your domain, how to put it in your hosting account, how to install WordPress, how to build a list on your site, and how to set up automated delivery or manual payment/delivery systems (if you're on a shoestring budget) - all in a step-by-step manner!

And then you'll learn the specific PLR site organization of it all - like categorizing your products for customers, inserting a search box so they can look for the exact PLR they need, and more!

I’m going to share everything I do with you – even the niche topics my own customers have requested from me that I haven’t gotten around to doing yet (you could scoop me!). The bonuses included with this course aren't just a bunch of random MRR (Master Resale Rights) products - I hate it when marketers do that (as if you'll buy just to get more crap downloaded to your hard drive, right?).

No, these bonuses are specific to this course, created JUST for you to help you launch an amazing Private Label Rights site.

Bonus #1: A Series of Step By Step Video Tutorials That Walk You Through the Set Up of Your Own PLR Site Using a Domain Loaded With WordPress!

You get a complete video tutorial FREE of charge that shows you how to get your PLR store set up using a simple WordPress structure.

You won't have to worry about knowing all of the ins and outs of WordPress because I'm a big believer in the KISS motto - Keep It Simple, Stupid!

In this video tutorial, we're going to walk through theme selection, header changes, settings that help with a bit of SEO so Google ranks you higher, categorization of your products, making your sales copy (as little or long as that may be) a sticky on your blog, and more!

Bonus #2: The Exact List of 446 Customer-Requested Niche Topics That Have Flooded My Inbox From People Waiting to Buy From Me!

I constantly get emails from my prospective customers who have topic requests. Sometimes they've already bought all of the topic I have to offer and they're hungry for more!

Other times, I simply haven't had time to get to it yet - and the list is LONG - 446 topics! I don't mind sharing these requests with you because I know PLR buyers almost always come back for more - and I'll still have an opportunity to sell to them too!

You can just pick a topic from this list and start writing and selling because there's definitely a buyer out there for it somewhere, searching.

Get ready to start seeing some long-term sales instead of hit or miss hunt and peck marketing you've been so disappointed in for a long time.

Quality matters – so take no shortcuts or you’re not going to see the kind of results you want. Your reputation as a good PLR provider is at stake.

Unlike many of the other "how to" courses that are sold for money making opportunities, PLR ATM is really a soup to nuts business plan. I couldn't have done more to give you the roadmap to success, so the course is priced at $27.

I won't be like other marketers and say "just" $27 because I know when you need to make money, shelling out $27 is a lot! And I'm tired of those games where they make it look like it used to be $97 but they crossed that out and are now giving you a "deal" by making is $30 cheaper. I'm going to tell you the truth, as I always do!

If you tried to hire people to get your site set up and mentor you in running a business like this, it could very easily tally up hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

I’m walking you through a quick and easy do it yourself start-up plan for $27, so comparatively, it’s a steal. You’re getting my experience and expertise for a fraction of what it would cost you to do it the other way.

I know my product is thorough and good and that it work s, so I also don't want to just give away the course so that everyone orders it even when they aren't serious about starting a PLR business.

But I beg you not to download this and ignore it once another shiny new object comes along and promises you can make $48,000 in 48 hours. This is a REAL system that can help you make money and if you abandon it, you'll be letting your future financial state down.

If content is king - and you're the one providing the content to marketers, it stands to reason that you're going to be launching a business with a hungry target audience!

There are soooooo many buyers right now looking for PLR in their niche and they can't find a SINGLE pack available! Some can find their PLR topics, but they've already bought and used them - so now they need MORE!

Will you be the one to sell it to them?

P.S. Remember - you not only get the step-by-step guide to knowing what PLR buyers want from a PLR seller, but I also give you my own enormous PERSONAL request list from paying customers AND I take you through the step-by-step site setup, so that you're up and running in the least amount of time possible!

P.P.S. I urge you to act now. The sooner you start this business, the sooner you'll begin making profits - and they snowball over time and won't expire that many so-called marketing strategies you hear about! Just think - in just a little while, you'll have a completely automated content business you can call your own!

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