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How does a down payment work

how does a down payment work

Does it "work." Yeah, it works really well for her -she's making money on that stuff. Does it work for others? The answers range from "never" to "sometimes" to "always." Just for fun, let me do a search on Ebay and see what we come up with (goes to Ebay). I see that the price on her web site is 8 easy payments of about $60 each -that's $480 buckos. And I see that Ebay has it for about half that or less. So that gives you of an idea of how the market values it when a "free economy" is involved. And I also see that to even FIND the price on her web site involves some digging -so it appears to me she's a bit nervous about presenting her price right up front (and she's all about NOT being nervous -go figure).

But lets get down to cases here: meds don't "work," therapy doesn't "work," books and CD's don't "work," and nothing at all just "works" all by itself. It's not like a solar powered outdoor light that you stick in the ground and it just sort of lights up by itself at night. The WORK is done by YOU; your brain changes and heals just like a broken leg or blister -the solution is all

inside of YOU. The meds, the CD's, the books and baying at the moon while throwing chicken bones on the ground are ALL TOOLS.

I'm not just trying to make fun of this stuff -really I'm not. I'm trying to get across the point of view that puts you -puts anybody- in the best position to understand the entire approach to recovery. And so, back to our friend Lucinda: if her approach -the workbooks, the carry cards, the CD's and all the rest of it "connect" with you in terms of how you would feel best about handling your recovery, then give it a shot (but do it at Ebay). But bear in mind that there are no medicinal or magical properties to the 75 cents worth of plastic and paper you'll get. If it "works" at all, it will do so because YOU did the work.

My own approach was to use a psychiatrist - a living, breathing human who could respond to me in real time. I would have gone nutz digging out a wallet card of things to say to myself, or dashing home or to my car to listen to a CD. But THAT may be your cup of tea! If it is, pour it on. Just understand that YOU do the "work."

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