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Older Proof Silver Eagle is Weekly Sales Front-Runner

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Leading in the latest U.S. Mint sales stats was the 2014-W Proof American Silver Eagle. Buyers picked up 14,774 of last year’s issue, compared to just 3,423 of the 2015-dated Silver Eagle, during the week. Last week, collectors preferred the older proof Silver Eagle versus the new one It was the second time this month that sales of the older coin outpaced the newer one. Read more of this article… Read More →

US Silver Coin Calculators

This US melt calculator lets you find the intrinsic value of silver coins. You simply enter how many coins, click update and then the melt values are automatically calculated using the latest spot silver price.

This is a table of United States 90% silver coins with their melt values already calculated and displayed. The values are determined by taking the coin's total silver weight and multiplying it by the price of silver.

Australian Coin Calculators

This Australia melt calculator finds the value of older circulating silver coins like 3 pence, 6 pence, shilling, florin and crown. Like the other melt calculators, you simply enter how many coins by type and click update.

This table of values is for Australian coins that are minted from

silver. The prices listed represent the value of silver within the coin, or their melt values, using the latest cost of silver. Melt values and total silver content are offered.

Canadian Silver Coin Calculators

The Canadian melt calculator find the value of older silver coins that were produced by the Royal Canadian Mint from 1920 to 1967. During that time, and like other countries, standard coins for circulation contained silver.

Do you want to know the melt or intrinsic value of your older Canadian coins? Tables on this page offer those based on the latest silver price and show how many of the Canadian silver coins it takes to equal one ounce of silver.

New Zealand Coin Calculators

This New Zealand melt calculator offers values for older circulating coins with silver that have dates ranging from 1930 to 1946. Simply enter the amount of coins by denomination. Their melt values are then shown.

Using the latest silver spot price, tables on this page offer current silver coin melt values for older New Zealand like the pence, shilling, florin, crown and half crown. Also shown is the amount of the coins it takes for one troy ounce of silver.

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