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What crime was jesus charged with

what crime was jesus charged with

Was Jesus Really Crucified with the Passover Lambs?

Thank you for posting such a wonderful article!

Have a blessed Good Friday and holy Pascha.

Anonymous said.

Stupendous Post, but does this change our belief that Jesus is the Passover Lamb?

One must take care before attempting to out-sleuth the supersleuth Raymond Brown, whose insight bordered on psychic awareness. Events of great power often do synchronize with the mundane, pointing out the significance of the moment. To associate the all-powerful Redemption with the common daily sacrifice in the Temple, belittles the former. As Paul was quick to grasp, this supreme sacrifice by YHVH's true High Priest, once and for all appeased the Lord God.

Josephus was not a priest, he was a socialite climbing the ladder of fame. Hardly a reputable source, yet the only one we have outside the Gospels.

The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ by the visionary Anne Catherine Emmerich agrees with Raymond's insight, synchronizing the two events. Mel Gibson had the chance to juxtapose the lambs' slayings with the Christ's but apparently missed this potentially powerful cinematic moment.

Have a great Easter yourself, just remember to be careful stepping on someone's toes that are bigger than yours.

From the Dolorous Passion

"The High Priests had recommenced the sacrifice of the Paschal lamb (which had been stopped by the unexpected darkness), and they were triumphing at the return of light, when suddenly the ground beneath them trembled, the neighbouring buildings fell down, and the veil of the Temple was rent in two from the top to the bottom. Excess of terror at first rendered those on the outside speechless, but after a time they burst forth into cries and lamentations. The confusion

in the interior of the Temple was not, however, as great as would naturally have been expected, because the strictest order and decorum were always enforced there, particularly with regard to the regulations to be followed by those who entered to make their sacrifice, and those who left after having offered it. The crowd was great, but the ceremonies were so solemnly carried out by the priests, that they totally engrossed the minds of the assistants. First came the immolation of the lamb, then the sprinkling of its blood, accompanied by the chanting of canticles and the sounding of trumpets. The priests were endeavouring to continue the sacrifices, when suddenly an unexpected and most appalling pause ensued; terror and astonishment were depicted on each countenance; all was thrown into confusion; not a sound was heard; the sacrifices ceased; there was a general rush to the gates of the Temple; every one endeavoured to fly as quickly as possible. And well might they fly, well might they fear and tremble; for in the midst of the multitude there suddenly appeared persons who had been dead and buried for many years! These persons looked at them sternly, and reproved them most severely for the crime they had committed that day, in bringing about the death of ‘the just man,’ and calling down his blood upon their heads. Even in the midst of this confusion, some attempts were, however, made by the priests to preserve order; they prevented those who were in the inner part of the Temple from rushing forward, pushing their way through the crowds who were in advance of them, and descending the steps which led out of the Temple: they even continued the sacrifices in some parts, and endeavoured to calm the fears of the people."

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