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What determines gdp

what determines gdp

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Posted February 19, 2009 at 10:12 AM (Answer #2)

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A free market economy is driven by individual innovation and the notion that hard work and ingenuity will be rewarded by success.В  All businesses exist to make a profit.В  Therefore, in the free market system, a successful business makes a consistent profit in a field of competitors.В  The concept of competition is an important component of a free market system.В

Competition in the marketplace provides the best possible product to the customer at the best price.В  When a new product is invented, it usually starts out at a high price, once itВ is in the market for a period of time, and other companies begin to copy it, the price goes down

as new, similar products emerge.В  In a competitive market, the poor versions of the product or the overpriced will be pushed out of the market because consumers will reject them.

The free market system determines the winners and losers in each industry based on the demands of theВ customer, whether industrial, business customers, or consumers, people who buy for personal use.

In a free market system, the entrepreneur takes a great risk to launchВ a business, putting up capital, with the hope that the product or service will succeed.В  If the risk is considered a disadvantage, when the business succeeds, the profit and control of the businesses future is determined by the owner, not the government.

Ask your product life cycle question separately it is too detailed to include here. В

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