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What do csa payments cover

what do csa payments cover

Part I: General Questions on the WPS America .com's Online Welding Software Services:

1.0 How the software works? Do I need to download the software on my computer? Can I save my document both online and on my compute r. Can I access my account from different computer?

WPS America .com software is online platform. So, you don't need to download the software on your computer and you can access your account from any computer or anywhere online.

It works the same way you check your e-mail online! You can log in to your WPS America .com software with your UserID and Password, which you choose during online registration.

The great thing about the software is that you can manage all your welding documents online. The software supports all major AWS codes (structural steel codes for steels, stainless or aluminum), as well as ASME codes (pressure vessel, piping and boiler).

In addition to save a document on your computer, you can save it online. You can save your documents in PDF format, at your end, as well as save it online on WPS America .com for future use or modifications. Once you need a copy of your document, just log in to your account from any computer online and save time.

Besides the software, there are also over 10,000 prequalified AWS welding procedures for welding steels and stainless steels in our database for SMAW (stick), SAW, FCAW and GMAW (MIG) processes. Other features that make our service unique are providing users with sample specifications, suggested weld data, shielding gas selection guide, expert presentations, articles, educational and technical information, welding community and much more!

We are proud that, since 2006, hundreds of companies, including NASA, Lockheed Martin, Fortune 500 companies, and manufacturers worldwide are using the software.

It is easy to manage all of your weld documents, by using the WPS America .com software, anywhere at anytime.

Please try the WPS America .com Demo to see how simple online software work for you.

1.1 What makes the unique and superior welding software?

-You are only required to have minimal computer knowledge to use this service.

-No need to download the software on your computer, log in and manage your weld document.

- WPS America .com online software supports more codes than any software company.

-Huge saving when using from over 10,000 AWS prequalified procedures, by take advantage of codes and avoid doing unnecessary costly tests, when allows by a code.

WPS America .com's prequalified welding procedures ease the complexity of development of weld procedures for structural steel applications of mild steels, low alloy steels and stainless steels (Plate, Pipe, Sheet, Box), in accordance with the AWS D1.1, AWS D1.3 and AWS D1.6 welding codes.

-While other welding software doesn't automatically prepare a single welding procedure, WPS America .com offers over 10,000 procedures for the AWS codes, as our special bonus for you, and a superior software for both the AWS and ASME codes.

-To make a better decision, there are instant code's rules for each essential variables, Guides and Built-in Tables in each forms (WPS, PQR, WPQ, WPQR). The software also provides guides to choose right shielding gases, suggested welding parameters, and educational experts' welding presentations.

-The welding software provides no restriction for the users, plus there is no company license fee or maintenance fee for the services. Our fee includes software upgrades, code updates, and is good for unlimited intra company use, available anywhere online.

-Superior welding software for the AWS structural steels welding codes (steels, stainless steels, aluminum, bridge, and more), as well as the ASME codes (pressure vessel, piping, boiler, power piping, process piping, and more).

-By joining WPS America .com, you can also create your own Webpage, WPS America .com/You. and start business networking, and collaborate with all users in your welding community.

-Option to save your weld documents online (WPS, PQR, WPQ, WPQR and Welder Management Report), plus you can always save it on your computer in PDF format.

-The software and database designed by the code experts, and are continuously updated with latest edition of the welding codes.

-Users also have access to free online resources, plus Highlights of Codes, Learn First. You Asked We Answered WebPages, samples Specifications with welding techniques for major welding processes, and Experts' Presentations.

- WPS America .com is committed to provide users with the continued value-added services.

-The service fee is very affordable.

Please try the WPS America .com online Demo to see how simple online software work for you.

Join your welding community, create your online Web page profile, and start business networking with Fortune 500 companies, consultant engineers, inspectors, welding experts and fabricators, worldwide. To join, please click here

1.2 What are the benefits of joining the How to join?

We are committed to provide users with the continued value-added services.

In simple words, we proud to say about our welding service that:

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