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What does an Infrastructure Project or Program Manager do?

what does a payroll manager do

What does an Infrastructure Project or Program Manager do?


I have had many people contact me looking for an "Infrastructure PM" who "has experience with" Oracle, data centers, disaster recovery and such. I am wondering what the PMs on such projects usually do. Are they involved in the actual work, programing and designing the

infrastructure architecture?

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They can work on, and work to resolve

- Manual maintenance of inventory and asset tracking information of both standard and custom home-grown business-critical applications.

- Cumbersome process in collecting accurate software licensing usage and tracking for compliance audit request on-demand.

- Applications not performing as expected due to discrepancies in configuration that are not easily detectable.

- Manual or proprietary methods to get different views of the infrastructure to be able to make business decisions.

- Difficulty in maintaining a single enterprise-wide view of the IT infrastructure across multiple sites to be able to enforce standard best practices and maintain consistent policies, procedures processes.

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