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How does an object become electrically charged

update new: May 2003- Using spherical capacitor (gold egg below) IS able to measure life force in water: (ability to radiate charge equals ability to radiate the information which organizes biology by orienting the geometry of water crystallization)..

Here we measure power spectra (harmonic analysis) of the weak capacitive field. harmonic inclusiveness / charge density (ability to sustainably radiate charge) = life

also see - by comparison - how duration of charge radiation measures the death bardo.

how charge radiation creates rain

how charge radiation revitalizes cities.

how charge radiation measures life force in general.

Implosion Group - Newsletter ( on web: ) - from Dan Winter's Lecture Tour ( )

NEW!-Integrating Dr.Korotkov's Ground Breaking LIFE FORCE MEASURE USING GDV- with HeartTuner Life Force Here..


Note How these 2 different technologies together - since they both measure CHARGE RADIANCE- can provide the ultimate state of the art- Measure of LIFE FORCE.

New Tool for Measuring Life Force in Water

Complements Original Studies Measuring Life Force in Food (below this update)

Test Series Shows Spherical Capacitor

(Gold Coated Ostrich Egg - weak capacitive field amplified from microvolts then spectrum analyzed)

is Able to Discern Charged Water / LIFE FORCE

& that Data is Replicable


1. Early Data Showed Harmonic Inclusiveness Predicts Viability / Survival in Heart Data ( )

2. D.Winter evidences Harmonic Inclusiveness Predicts Viability in Everything Living, and Further that Harmonic Inclusiveness is Precisely Optimized in Golden Mean Ratio. ( )

Further that Golden Mean Ratio in Power Spectral Emission identifies successful compression

- a.) predicting the moment of self-organization from chaos

- b.) predicting the creation of gravity from capacitors (charge compression becomes acceleration when symmetry is self-similar) -

3. D.Winter presents repeated evidence that measuring the charge radiance - capacitive field power spectra replaces biophoton technology in more elegantly meauring life force in food ( )

4. Now (new) - D.Winter presents new data here from repeated samples taken weeks apart - spherical capacitor measuring charge density - can measure life force in water - replicably. - - here-

The concept reviewed: It has long been known that the Kirlian Photo and the GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) were a way to map the shape of the capacitive field of charge which was providing the orienting function to arrange biological liquids into life. It is also self-evident that the sensitive crystallization (Steiner Technique), water drop experiments, and such techniques as Immoto's work with water crystals shape revealed during freezing - were all techniques to make the shape of the field of charge of the liquid visible. ( It is also clear that the measurably faster than light propagation of the gravity field measured using capacitors - proves the physics of astrology is simply to map the projective geometry of the charge field capacitively.) The resolution of the problem then of quantifying and measuring LIFE is the problem of accurately measuring the order and COHERENCE of the electrical field of charge. The amount of life giving information in the charge field is a) coherence. b) harmonic inclusiveness - which is correlated to c) ability to acheive charge COMPRESSION - which IS information density. It happens that self similarity (think of the shape of a pine cone) perfects the implosive charge sucking in process of compressing charge into the acceleration of charge thru light speed called LIFE ITSELF! (explaining how the egg and the pine cone and the EKG during bliss extract voltage from gravity: gravity IS implosive / non-destructive charge compression which self similarity by PHI turns in to acceleration | ).

In summary - while Dr. Popp correctly surmised that the ability to store and emit a photon measures life - (biophoton) - the PROCESS which allows biology to store a photon IS the ability to (fractally) ATTRACT and SELF-ORGANIZE electrical charge. This is why D.Winter extended the Celestine Prophecy definition of LIFE ( All Human Interaction is About CHARGE) - to read more completely - LIFE FORCE EQUALS THE ABILITY TO ATTRACT (Implosive Compression) and Self-Organize Electrical Charge.

It is simple to understand that the weak capacitive charge field is what makes the critical orienting decision at the instant the liquid decides in what angle to join the crystal. (for example the physics of rainmaking - or of restoring life to cities - ). Biology happens when liquid approaches the tight rope of becoming liquid crystal due to the COHEREing of CHARGE. The physics of sensitive crystallization is therefore totally dependant on the ORDER implicate in the ambient electrical field of charge. Thus LIFE FORCE is determined solely by the ability to compress, store and radiate this capacitive field. ( your Glow is your Charge radiance).

Further- that life happens - when charge compression at center becomes implosive ( evidenced in the pent 5 sided PHI based - self similarity which symmetry identifies everything living). - more at

We here present a brief summary of the newest data showing this measurement of life force applied successfully to measuring vitality in WATER. ( We propose to follow this with a demonstration of corrolation to increased percentages of successful seed germination).

Thanks to Callum Coates and Water research team in Byron Bay for their help in taking the Water Life Force measurements above.

Above: Cliff Pound assisted in measuring the charge radiance comparing the new Aqua Fiji Water. new Feb 9, 2004. Dark Blue Cascade Shows Excellent Symmetry.

Below: We are grateful to Frank- for Data harmonic analysis below - of the above Water data. NOTE: We expect to be able to isolate (and optimize) the charge sources in the environment which contribute to the life force in the water - by looking at their harmonic signatures!


Below- update July 3,2003 - Team from organic college in Witzenhausen Germany - found that straw or peak around the sensor spherical capacitor gold coated egg provided good isolation from ambient electrical noise..

here we successfully measure the difference in life force between an onion JUST picked from the beautiful mountain garden versus a store bought olded onion..

and below - we are able to pick up the life force charge field around a bottle of potent essential oil:

Stated Research Goal - To perfect the biophoton life force measurement concept to pure principle - and greater meaningful sensitivity. Since the ability to store and release a photon - is ultimately the ability to compress the charge called a photon - why not measure the charge attraction and compression process directly - to more usefully and much more sensitively provide a technology to measure and optimize life force.

. and to learn more about the SOURCE of the measureable DC Voltage which appears to consistently predict and perhaps quantify the freshness of an EGG.

(Townsend Brown et al. taught us the exquisite non-linearity for example of baked egg white for capacitive dialectric purposes - a precedent perhaps to the ability he along with Searl et al used to build the concave capacitors they used to create gravitational thrust. Altho the builders of Stealth do not want us to know that capacitive fields focused like a lens lay radar hiding technology to waste and make conventional rocket thrust obsolete - biological skill to create sustainable life may require we learn anyway. - see Lifters links below..)

This is intended to provide more accurate physics description to the working hypothesis being investigated by Dan Winter with the lab.

The Hypothesis is: LIFE FORCE - is electrically defined as - the ability to (fractally) ATTRACT AND SELF-ORGANIZE CHARGE.

This is in direct support of a.) The Use of ELECTRO-NEGATIVITY to Predict Life Force in "Bioelectronics of Vincent" (BEV) Technology.

and b.) The fact that the NEGATIVE DC Electrode Regenerates Coral in (Electrolytic) Coral Mineral Accretion - Coral Reef Alliance.

(coral mineral accretion by electrolytice negative charge) - the process so elegantly exenplifies the principle (electrical self similarity fractally enables the attraction of capacitive charge whose harmonic inclusiveness defines and makes measureable LIFE FORCE)

which becomes a practical measurement technology to optimize life as an electrical process in ANY structure.

suggest several things: - to optimize your process:

1.spectrum analyze the capacitive field around your underwater artificial reef metals to optimize fractality / self similarity ( paramagnetic stone in array like rose above ground serves this function to electrically fabricate the field necessary to optimize seed germination) - in the way described in this attached article.

2. experiment with monolayers of gold or palladium - on the growth surface - you will find that such metallics better radiate the necessary capacitive field into self similarity because their valence structure is more self similar

+. The Difference here is that PHIRICAIS - (Phi Recursion Induced Charge Acceleration Implosion Solution - see link ) both predicts WHY electron negativity creates life force electrically (self similarity electrically atracts charge and therefore life) but ALSO provides an elegant method to measure and optimize the mechanism of that charge attraction (spectrum analysis of charge using HeartTuner - see graphs below).

-And WHY is it that electrical SELF-SIMILARITY makes and attracts LIFE. because self-similarity ATTRACTS the kind of compression which is called NON-DESTRUCTIVE. It IS non-destructive because that (fractal) compression creates ACCELERATION (that acceleration of charge has previously been called gravity). That charge accelerating makes the shape memory of symmetry called LIFE. DISTRIBUTEABLE / SHAREABLE / and therefore SUSTAINABLE. It also means that those wave structures which cannot enter into that holy communion of what is compressible and therefore accelerate-able and therefore shareable. cannot propagate or survive. Thus this is the biological test for 'pure intention' - namely the symmetry of the shareable.

Inset note - Feb 10 ,2003 - Perth team replicates life force measure!

They solved the problem with the gold plated egg - for ideal spherical capacitive container..

Summary: spherical biological capacitor (gold plated ostrich egg - with a gap between plated ends to build dialectric field difference) is split and an electrode wire connects each opposite end of the capacitor to the preamp (HeartTuner) - sensitive to microvolts. Anything alive is placed in the cup field (in this case-fresh chicken egg). and the life forcce (freshness ) is electrically measureable. The technique is to amplify the output microvolts - and then spectrum analyze (almost identical to the way brainwaves for example would be processed). Charge density (amplitude of peaks) and harmonic INCLUSIVENESS predict life force. Note above - how visible the difference is between the fresh egg (in blue) to the 3 day old egg in yellow - is measureable and replicable.

The data had been replicated several times in the Netherlands group - until the gold foil layer they had installed had separated and become discontinuous. The Perth group did such a good job with the new design - they are able to measure life force even in a building where there is some electrical noise. (The Netherlands group had to be outside of electrical pollution in most buildings to see good result).

The point is that - life force is now DIRECTLY measureable. This should change the way food is processed / defined / and handled everywhere in the world. The concept of food which has been fractionated and has been contained in poor charge environments (metal refrigerators) is absurd now that we know life force = designing a good capacitor.

Suggest reading please the background discussion for the research consult at:Measuring Life Force - & Making Love Visible?

Please note numerous additional data samples in that article supplementing those below - the advantage of those depicted here, is that the capacitive fields were perhaps 'focused' usefully

by the unique spherical capacitor depicted below - used for the results on this page - and also the data here represents the averaging of far longer periods of data to reduce noise input.

Abstract: The concept is inspired from the film we made with Professor Phil Callahan. There we saw him observe with his liquid crystal portable Fluke scope that the more harmonics which were present in the weak capacitive field around a tree - the healthier the tree was. There we learned to use the hemp 'biological capacitive probe' used for the EARLIER data on the above linked page.

The point is that the concept - THE MORE HARMONICS PRESENT AT ONCE- THE MORE LIFE IS PRESENT - is PERFECTLY reflected in the EKG literature! Namely that the fractality of harmonic INCLUSIVENESS of the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a very reliable predictor of immune health and longevity!.

- The principle is simple: the MORE waves of electrical charge which can simultaneous agree to meet at once - in any biological oscillator - the more ALIVE it is. While this concept seems absurdly simple at first inspection - in fact it makes perfect sense. When a biological structure finds a way to attract waves of charge - it sucks in the energy of its environment. The more waves of charge it can suck in a one time - the more energy and LIFE it absorbs.

This is VERY parallel in some ways - to the notion that LIFE FORCE IS ROUGHLY EQUAL TO BIOLOGICALLY SUSTAINABLE CHARGE DENSITY (Thus explaining for example why most metal structures deplete life force when they even TOUCH food!)

The nice thing is - we can now depict exactly HOW a biological structure gathers that charge :

It arranges the elements of it's 'nonlinear' dialectric to become fractal or self-similar. In this way - the recursive non-destructive (or re-cursively CONSTRUCTIVE) interference of the charge waves in its interior becomes a FRACTAL ATTRACTOR. Or - more specifically - it adds and multiplies the wave lengths and wave velocities in THIS geometry depicted below:

When Nick Thomas lectured on Lawrence Edwards 'Vortex of Life' his projective geometries of WHY pine cones changed there conic angle according to how much life they needed to suck from their enviornment - reinforce this idea. Clearly, pine cones AND eggs and human EKG sucks power (measureable wattage) from the gravity field precisely like an implosion motor - by arranging their capactive elements (dialectric array) into conic implosion symmetry to begin the fusion thru light speed which makes them able to continually suck in more charge.

So -successful life structure create by IMPLOSION (infinite non-destructive compression) a contiguous spin path to send waves of charge thru the speed of light. (In another research project we develop why that spin path thru light speed is precisely the relationship of charge to fabricating gravity. - which we believe will become measureable in capacitive fractal devices evolving from these recursive capacitive arrays:

Eseentially- gravity happens because recursive implosion of charge creates a contiguous spin path thru the speed of light - like pulling the plug in bathtub - gravity is the resultant suction.

While this idea to solve Einstein's dilemna (what is the geometry of infinite non-destructive compression) does answer why Faraday called the form of a capacitive field a gravitational one - it is NOT the subject of this study. But it is necessary to mention because it explains why biological structures can fabricate gravitational fields (TM siddhi meditators float better under gold domes for good physical reasons - gold is capacitively fractal particularly in thin films).

All of the above is by way of hypothesis - until we measure and predict something.

The hypothesis would predict - the waves of charge would best implode when their symmetry of Golden Mean ratio. This is because the Golden Mean (Phi - .618033989. etc.) perfects self-similarity and implosion and compression and de-compression and fractality. Evidence is PHYLOTAXIS - tree leaves unpack this way - Phi-Lo-Tactics:(Phi)Recursion/Self Re-Entry-Heart of Self Organization?

- AND that the electrical harmonic cascade of BLISS and EUPHORIA in brain waves (korotkov) as well as the electrical symmetry of bliss and compassion in EKG is also Golden Mean ratio by repeated measurement: BrainPhire?Fractal Golden Ratio Harmonics in BrainWaves as Mechanism of Euphoria / Active Visualization / Bliss?

For more on what this theory based on Golden Mean ratios implications for physics would predict - including the physics papers on Golden Mean from Finland see:

1. Harmonic Inclusiveness (sometimes called fractality ) -which is how many different frequencies at once you can "invite" into your heart (Heart Rate Variability / HRV) clearly predicts resistance to MOST known chronic disease! (Ref 1. Ref 2. ). This is one of the reasons HRV is one of the most intensely studied fields in medicine today.

2. The mathematic solution to maximizing the number of different wave lengths that can share space non-destructively is THE GOLDEN MEAN RATIO - This is the principle of PHYLOTAXIS - the branching geometry of all biology - so named because it is based on PHI - the symbol for Golden Mean. What is perfect UNPACKING for plants, is also perfect packing - hence clearly the Heart solves the problem of sustainability by learning to PACK (compress charge) well.

3. Two conditions predict the sustainability and viability of EVERYTHING oscillating. The Heart (ECG) and ALL of biology are examples of oscillators which must learn these in order to survive. The first is this HARMONIC INCLUSIVENESS, and the second is COHERENCE. Coherence is necessary because otherwise internal interference self-cancels anything waving or alive. The limit condition to allow BOTH Harmonic Inclusiveness AND COHERENCE to be sustained is PERFECT BRANCHING, or NESTING, or EMBEDDING, as defined by the Golden Mean Ratio. This is why after spectrum analysing tens of thousands of ECG's using HeartTuner, the VAST majority of HeartBeats choose to become stable at one of 3 musical key signatures ( Phi ^-1 or .618, Phi ^-1/2 or .79. and Phi^0 or 1.0). These are identified by the 3 blue lines on the HeartTuner screen. There can be no other explanation than the heart learning the key to non-destructive compression (of charge) based on Phi. This correlates beautifully to the apparent psychology of those 3 emotional positions, which at .618 correspond much more to touch permissive emotion, versus 1.0 ('Emotional Index' or ECG musical fundamental) being much more intellectual and membrane MAKING kind of feeling. The PHI ratio .618 harmonic series is touch permissive emotionally, because that ( pent or phi based) symmetry permits non destructive harmonically inclusive nesting! The NEED then is to measure a.) Harmonic Inclusiveness idealized by Phi harmonics in the power spectra, and b.) COHERENCE in the ECG -- which also has profound implications for teaching COHERENT Emotion. The HeartTuner is the solution to this feedback revolution because it measures for the first time INTERNAL coherence (in heart or brain) plus instantly reports on the moment of that PHI tuned cascade. (which among other things has already electrically DEFINED bliss and euphoria - see since that creates collapse and compression - of charge.)

3. The HeartTuner ( ) uses a revolution in mathematics (pioneered by Winter) (the second order power spectra: CEPSTRUM) to:

a.) quantify the INTERNAL or AUTO COHERENCE within the heart's voltage (ECG). and

b.) dynamically and continuously feed back the musical fundamental to which the ECG is tuned (linked to Heart Rate - called Emotional Index/ EI number).

4. Benefits of providing this feedback - now proven commercially - include:

a.) teaching EMOTIONAL coherence - linked to Heart (ECG) coherence - newly made measureable.

b.) teaching EMPATHY. COMPASSION. MARRIAGE COUNSELING. CONFLICT RESOLUTION. CONCENSUS PROCESS. and ENERGY HEALING by CHARGE TRANSFER - by measuring and teaching the moment at which two persons hearts (ECG) come into perfect musical phase lock.

c.) since the same feedback system allows measuring EEG COHERENCE - a revolution in the treatment of Attention Deficit and Addiction is becoming evident. ( ref. 1: ref.2: ). Also the HRV curve on the HeartTuner - becomes a graph of the breathing - and can measure and teach the entrainment of breath to heart to brain.

Understand- WHY does the SHAPE of the propagating Electro-Static FIELD OF CHARGE (Potential) - SHAPE the GROWTH OF BIOLOGY? The answer has to be that the dipole moment orientation bias of the cellular liquids IS SHAPED BY the geometry of the propagating capacitive or electrostatic field of charge. This is a DIRECT clue to the physics of what Steiner used to call 'ETHERIC FORMATIVE FORCES' - how a pine cone eats charge.

Think of these examples-

1.) In the famous work of Dr.Robert O.Becker ('Body Electric' book etc.) the tadpole would regrow a cut-off tail longer IF there was a DC bias voltage applied.

2.) The Ciba-Geigy effect. it's not in the genes - it's in the electrostatic fields. (PH) - below here.

In 1989 the chemical giant Ciba-Geigy had registered a patent (number

0351357) for a way to cultivate original forms of plants and animals using

simple electrostatic fields. The patent is simply called "Improved

Cultivation Technique", and the farther-reaching effects were not mentioned

in the patent papers, but the basic experimental design remains. (download The Electrostatic Effect on Seeds: The Ciba-Geigy Effect THECIBA.pdf )

Ciba-Geigy then retired this technique, perhaps because it had too many

"disadvantages" for a chemical conglomerate. The original forms of plants

are much more resistant than all of today's hybrids. These plants need

neither fertilisation nor chemical additives. But this is a guess, then the

actual reasons could go much further (due to the gigantic possibilities this

technique offers).

The experimental design: For three days, the seeds of a plant are laid out

to germinate between two aluminium plates that are hooked up to a DC source.

Then they are put in the soil in the normal way. In this way, within three

days in the electrostatic field, the ooWurmoo fern with 36 chromosomes

transmutes to the ooHirschzungenoo fern with 41 chromosomes! In the ensuing

four years, the newly-formed ooHirschzungenoo fern (actually only known in

petrified form from old coal deposits) mutated into many possible fern

varieties: ooWurmoo ferns, ooBuchenoo ferns, South-African ooLederoo ferns,

ooHirschzungenoo fernsoo (as you can see we have a lack of correct terms

here and also a little further down below - please help us out if you are a

biologist or someone who would win the 1 Million Dollar show!)and others. At

this point the researchers asked themselves whether the information for the

shape of a living being was actually stored in the genes, or whether the

electrostatic charge of the atmosphere was not a factor that co-determines

the complete information in Nature. The new/old ferns showed further

unbelievable abilities. Normal ferns form only one ooVorpflanzeoo capable of

reproduction per leaf. The others simply fall off. But the original fern

develops a kind of duct network between all ooVorpflanzenoo. Extremely thin,

silvery, straight channels go from the leaf tip straight to the next

ooVorblattoo. Thus the plant increases manifold its ability to propagate.

The original wheat shows a similarly spectacular ability compared with

today's completely overbred varieties, and the cocomponents are of much

What I find particularly interesting is the incredible memory of Nature.

Theoretically, Nature would just have to play around with the natural

electrostatic fields (as they appear after thunderstorms, for instance), to

render all our breeding efforts obsolete. Even the number of chromosomes

isn't taboo, as the Ciba-Geigy experiments have shown. The experimenst was

Another smasher is the reviving of spores after 200 million years. The

samples were taken at a depth of 140 metres from 200 million years-old

strata in salt-works on the Rhine. Up until now, all attempts at reviving

failed. But in an electrostatic field, the attempt was successful. Should

AND apparently Nature has already started with such genetic corrections,

for - as US researcher Gregg Braden maintains - everywhere on Earth and

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