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What does amortization period mean

what does amortization period mean

2 day period. What does this mean for me?

Ladies, I am normally 4-5 days, 6 days TOPS for my cycles. Generally, if goes like this. CD1 is heavy, CD2 is med-heavy, CD3 is med-light, CD4 is light, CD5 is light-spotting and by then I am either completely stopped or just spotting brown for several days afterward.

I have been temping for 7 cycles now and March was alittle crazy. I missed a day of temp right around the time I would NORMALLY ovulate, so I am not even sure when I ovulated in March, but I think it was around CD14. Cycles are 28-30 days. Right around the time I think I ovulated, I had pink discharge (NEVER had this before). Then, 4 days later I had pink/brown spotting again for a day, then a few days later started getting spotting again but lasting a few days this time. Now, I usually spot about 4 days before AF shows, so wasn't TOTALLY out of the ordinary. But, other things happened too that were very unlike me.

So, my period comes a

day late and its usual flow. CD2 still have the norm flow but had weird pains in my left side very much like ovulation pain. I was like "I am ovulating already!?" Then had the same thing on my right side. On and off. Then, CD 3 I had stopped. just had brown spotting. Sometimes my period will disappear for about 12-24 hours then it comes back. BUT, never did. its been 3 days and it still isn't back.

What is going on? I have NEVER EVER had a 2 day period before. Since CD2, I have had weird feelings in my belly/uterus region. Today I have been getting alot of pains in my sides (alternating). It's all very very strange. Preg tests say negative, but from what I have read women have had the same experience and not get a positive until 8 weeks. Breasts have been feeling weird today, but aren't sore or any bigger. And just feeling overall weird.

So, what could this be. What are the chances of it being pregnancy? Does it sound like pregnancy? Help!

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