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ATM Skimming Devices Found at Local Banks

what does an atm skimming device look like

MEDFORD, Ore. -- On Friday, Medford Police were dispatched to Rogue Credit Union on Center Drive where employees found a skimming device attached to one of their ATMs.

The device was sophisticated and blended in with the ATM, making it very difficult to detect.

The device consisted of a card reader, which was placed over the debit and credit card slot, along with a camera device mounted on the machine in order to catch the pin number of the card user.

Since the skimming device was found and seized, police believe that none of the customers who used the ATM at that time should have had their information compromised.

The device does not appear to transmit a signal and the suspects would have had to remove the device to

obtain the data.

Medford Police detectives have been working closely with Rogue Credit Union on this case and determined that similar devices were placed on the ATM of the Central Point Rogue Credit Union.

Local police now have two separate skimming devices to be analyzed.

Both cases appear related. Suspects have been caught on video.

Medford Police are releasing images of the skimming devices in hopes that people will educate themselves on what they look like in case the suspects strike again.

This activity is not isolated to Rogue Credit Union and is happening more frequently across all financial institutions nationwide. These recent examples are part of a growing national trend.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Medford Police Criminal Investigations Division at 774-2230.

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