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What does atm machine stand for

what does atm machine stand for


See the Scales of Charges at the Services/Join IPAF section.

IPAF is registered with the UK Financial Services Authority as an industrial and provident society (No. 30998R) and therefore must have two levels of membership:

• Full members who have full voting rights and full access to all member services, and

A proposer or seconder needs to be a senior manager or director within their organisation deemed to be able to speak for and represent their organisation.

Associate members may not act as proposers and seconders. Independent instructors may propose and second instructors, but not companies.


Council Directive 2009/104/EC concerning the minimum safety and health requirements for the use of work equipment by workers at work OJ L260/5 Article 9 states:

"Without prejudice to Article 12 of Directive 89/391/EEC, the employer shall take the measures necessary to ensure that:

(a) workers given the task of using work equipment receive adequate training, including training on any risks which such use may entail;

(b) workers referred to in the second indent of Article 6(b) receive adequate specific training."

Article 6(b) states: "in the case of repairs, modifications, maintenance or servicing, the workers concerned are specifically designated to carry out such work."

IPAF’s PAL Card (Powered Access Licence) is the proof provided to all persons who successfully complete training and testing on an IPAF machine-based course.

In order to deliver IPAF training courses, you need to be employed by an IPAF training centre or become a registered IPAF independent instructor


To become an IPAF instructor, you must meet the following criteria:

• 36 months’ MEWP operating experience

• Evidence of IPAF MEWP-specific Instructor training (4 days minimum)

• Evidence of HSE required standard for First Aid at Work training level

• Mentoring

(Full details are in the IPAF MEWP Operations Manual, Chapter 2.1.2)

To become an independent instructor member, please e-mail the IPAF Training Operations Coordinator.

If operators want to add a category to their PAL Card, they need to successfully complete the IPAF approved Theory Test Paper. In addition to this, they must achieve the required standard when operating each of the machine categories that they wish to add on to their PAL Card.

If you contact the IPAF training centre where you were trained, they will be able to replace your licence for a small fee.

Contact an IPAF training centre. Only operators or demonstrators who have been filling out their log books (60 entries over 5 years, 10 of which should be in the final year prior to expiry) will be eligible for a renewal test. Those who have not been filling out their log books will not be eligible for a renewal test and will have to re-sit the full operator/demonstrator course again.

All renewals must be done before the expiry date. Otherwise, an operator will have to do a full operator course and a demonstrator must do the full operator and demonstrator courses.

Full details are in the IPAF MEWP Operations Manual, Chapter 2.2.2.

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